Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Hunt

Last year Myles asked me 'Why don't we hunt eggs at our house?' And that stuck with me the whole year! I always make sure we have an Easter egg hunt, and I guess I take for granted that the Grandparents do baskets and the kids will be okay with just that! Myles comment made me think differently. This year (even though it wasn't until midday Easter Sunday) each kid, inlcuding Dane, got a basket! And secretly we even were able to hide some eggs in the front yard! The kids were thrilled with the baskets and the eggs, and I was thrilled to give them the joy of hunting for eggs. The simple joys holidays bring make being a parent more special! The excuse to get your child a gift they are asking for.... and for a reason! And, then there is the religous aspect, a way to celebrate the faith. And then gathering withe family. This year we were able to share Easter dinner with a few relatives we don't get to see often. My Aunt Perce (Chicago) and Cousing Broc (Texas) were in town for the Final Four games in Indy. So we were able to spend some time with them! And Saturday we spent time with Seth's family. So it was a family filled weekend!