Sunday, February 28, 2010

Who would of thought a bottle could do this.....

Last night around 9:00, Dane was walking along the couch holding his bottle upside down (we've been giving him a bottle each night in hopes it'd help fill his belly and make him sleep-which by the way isn't working, he still gets up) and fell on top of it. The bottom had a plastic lip that caught his gums on his top teeth and 'degloved' the skin (this is how the ER doctor described it). Poor Dane was in instant tears, with blood pooling out of his mouth. A quick call to his dr. sent us to the ER just to get it checked out, and after waiting two hours, we got the okay to go home. Thank goodness it wasn't any worse, it could have caused nerve damage, tooth issues and so much more! Needless to say, we may just skip that extra bottle at night, as I am terrified of using the bottles again. And to make it even worse, Dane was at my feet when it happened! At least he is okay now.... you can see at the photo his little gums are so swollen (as if they weren't swollen enough with him teething), and his little upper lip is swollen, too. However, it doesn't seem to bother him.

Friday, February 26, 2010

More February Specials.....

Play Hard


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Three Darlings

My kids are perfect subjects for ample photo opportunities.... and I love them when they are hollering to have the pictures taken. This particular shot was influenced by Myles! I just love the candid moments of all three kids, who needs professional photographers when you can create at home opportunities such as this one!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

And the teeth just keep on coming...

Okay, so the other two had teeth beginning at six months and they all came gradually. Poor Dane has had his bottom teeth pop through a few weeks ago and they just keep on coming. Now he has his two top teeth and several other swollen gums. I do believe he is going to have lots of chompers come time for his birthday cake in a few short weeks. Other than the teeth, poor Dane had another round of medicine, chest wheezing and cold. Poor guy... nebulizer treatments are not fun to give or take when you are this tiny. As the persong giving the treatments, I feel so sorry for Dane because he squirms and screams. However, I guess the screaming opens up the airways and allows for the treatment to hit its destination quicker!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday $5.99 special continues....

Here you go.... another $5.99 Friday February special. This layout features pattern papers from Basic Grey's Nook and Pantry! Enjoy the ability to place mulitiple photos of a variety of events. The multiple colors make this layout great for almost anything! Order yours today,the kit is only $5.99 through the end of the month! Visit or send me an email at Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Myles Birthday Newsletter

Each year for the kids birthdays I create a newsletter showcasing some fun info from the year for each kid! Here is my big boy Myles, who will (obviously) be 8 soon! Enjoy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Making and Giving Valentine Gifts

This year Elliott and I made little goodies for her friends! With a 6x10 piece of pattern paper, I wrapped it around and made it into a cone shape, tore the top, and then attached a ribbon as a handle. Elliott - my scrapper in training - decided to ink the top of the goodie bag! And she loved working under my Ott light. She did a great job, too! We made heart cards on the Cricut and Elliott added her name and special pitures! And then the party, she handed out each gift with much satisfaction! She was so thrilled at giving the goodies as much as she was thrilled to make them! It was nice to have a child share in my passion for a minute!

Fabulous $5 February Friday Special

Okay, so if you saw the one posted a few minutes ago, it is now this one with a few slight changes... sorry for confusion! I looked at the post and thought the layout lacked a little flow, so here the layout is again revised!

Don't you just love all those F's... it's a true tongue twister...So here is another $5.99 February Friday special! Order your's today, remember, if you live out of town, I will be happy to hold all your kits until the end of the month and then combine shipping! This 'love' themed layout would be great for all those Valentine pictures you have. Or consider making the right page a pocket out of the heart pattern and tuck all those cute little cards your kiddos bring home! Or you can always showcase that special loved one in your life (it can be your husband, significant other, child or even your dear pet!).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A baby book done in practically minutes....

Okay, so I'm guilty... I am suffering from third child syndrome, where as each kid you add, the less you do! Myles, I created his baby booklet - a mini book in which I wrote EVERYTHING from each month, thoughts, weights, and so much more. Elliott I kept a calendar to write all the quirky first year stuff, and Dane, I am sad to say, nothing until this album.... In planning for my weekend retreat last week, I wanted to do something that was quick! So I created collages for each month through Picasa (which I highly recommend for storing your photos and minor editing). And then with coordinating pattern papers, I've created two page layouts for each month. And on each month I've added little journaling about the milestones accommplished!So at least he now has a '1st Year' book began,a nd I only have a few months to go! Wow, what a relief! And, I think this is my favorite 'themed' album ever! The Fancy Pants pattern papers made the book easy as the mulitple colors coordinated with almost everything!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Scrapbook

Wow, this was such a great weekend! I was a little worried at the beginning, especially after hearing the snow forcast... luckily my dear husband took off work on Friday and I was able to get out and set up before the snow began to accumulate too much! I only had seven to come on Friday, well only two ended up switching Friday for Sunday! It was such a joy to see all the other Friday attendees show up! And, the best part of all each lady was able to stay overnight (we had the meeting room and additional overnight rooms at the REsidence Inn in Carmel!) I truly looked forward to sleeping ALONE, without Dane! I love my baby, but the space was great! Even though poor Seth had to get up in the middle of the night a few times for feedings (but then again, a few nights is nothing compared to the past 10 and a half months I've gotten up to feed Dane). Saturday was great, too, as all fourteen ladies showed up despite the snow. I even made it over to Noblesville to share the new kits for the first Saturday program at the Logan Village Mall. And then right back to scrappin the weekend away! Who would of really thought just how much fun it could be to get away with a group of ladies who enjoy preserving memories just as much as I do! And then Sunday it was to finish up lots of great layouts... I must share (on another post) some of the proejects I worked on! Sunday evening left me tired and ready for some sleep... then it was back to home and hugs and love from the family!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

It's amazing, any book could tell you your actions speak louder than words, and Elliott is prime example of this! I see parts/actions of myself coming out in her each and every day - the good and the bad! And these photos are documented proof. Here is Elliott pretending to breastfeed her baby! I guess it'd only make sense that this is her idea on feeding babies, for the last ten and a half months, that is how I have fed Dane! So funny! She has it down to the last detail, notice the blanket on her shoulder, pausing to burp the baby. Way to cute! Of course, this is the 'good' trait Elliott has picked up from me! The not so good one's are the yelling to get the things she wants (when she does this, I often ask myself 'is this what I look like?' It's amazing just how much she sounds like me in her conversations, the tone she picks up, I also find it humorous that Elliott, in her play, attends crops with her friends, plays on her computer (which happens to be mine that broke weeks ago), asks her friends to come over and scrapbook!

Fabulous February $5.99 Special

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BFF's at Five!

Okay, so who would of thought you could totally have a BFF (Best Friend Forever) at five.... well Elliott sure does! I just had to share this adorable photo of Elliott with her BFF Paige! She even calls her her Best Friend. Pagie came over today, and you wouldn't have even known she was here all day. Her and Elliott entertained themselves all day with Barbies, Dress up, Babies and so much more.

Dane has a tooth, and it looks like more to come...

Dane is by far my latest to get a tooth, by now the other two had at least two -four teeth. My mother said I didn't get teeth until I was close to one, too. Yes, Dane is approaching his first year birthday in less than six weeks. Back to the took FOREVER to break the gum line, poor guy. It also appears that he has four swollen spots on top and a few swollen spots on the bottom, so I'd imagine he's going to be cutting teeth for some time now. And if cutting teeth isn't bad enough, Dane has an ear infection, too. After three sleepless nights last week, oh and one included a midnight trip to Walmart for infant Tylenol, on Friday I took Dane to the dr. and sure enough he had an ear infection. Wow, it must be some nasty bug, Dane has not been himself for sometime, poor guy. I just hope the antibiotic will kick his crankiness soon. He is sleeping better, but he does seem to be a bit irritable. But then again, he's growing, teething, and so much more, I guess he has a right to be irritiable.