Thursday, November 10, 2011

December 2011 Scrapbook Weekend

My website is down! So here are the cropping details!

Take some time for you this holdiay season or finish up those holiday projects!

Join me at the Jameson Inn in Carmel. The details are:
Saturday December 4th, 9 AM until Whenever! $40 fee (includes lunch, dinner)
Sunday, December 5th, 9 AM - 5 PM. $30 (includes lunch)
Care to stay overnight? Rooms with two queen beds are available for $79.

Email Kristy at if you'd like to sign up!$50

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On Vacation!

Here we go again, adventuring the 17 hours (over 1,000) mile trek to Fort Myers Beach. Grandpa's Suburban loaded with kayak on top, enough pool toys for ten kids, beach towels, bathing suits, and the seven of us (our five plus grandma and grandpa Mathews). We leved Thursday middle of the night as soon as Seth arrived home from work. Seth took off driving the first part while the rest of us slept. Then in early a.m. grandpa took over driving! The kiddos slept until around 8 a.m.... and then woke up ready for the anual stop at McDonald's for the big breakfast! Myles just made a comment a week or so ago about how much he looked forward to waking up in the car and eating breakfast at McD's. It's truly the small things like this that make the car ride so easy-going for the kids. Dane was a fantastic car rider. I thought for sure he'd be tearful and misearble the entire trip. However, he slept and was cooperative (we'll see how this compares to the ride home!). Myles and Elliott enjoyed the movies, Nintendo DSi's, coloring books, markers, and snacks! We arrived to Fort Myers just shy of happy hour! We unpacked what little things we needed for the night and morning, then headed out for dinner to the Upper Deck. This place had a great view of the marinas and boats, live music, and yummy pizza. After this we picked up a few drinks and sat out front our hotel looking forward the week ahead. Saturday morning we played around the hotel (Pierside) in the pool and beach. We then went down to our condo for the week (Kona Beach Club). We unloaded our stuff! The kids played at the pool and then the sand and then the pool. Dane isn't so sure about the pool. He won't get in quite yet. He does enjoy the ocean. Myles and Elliott are little fish jumping in nad out and in and out.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scrapbook Saturday Layouts from 2010

(to see the layouts without the sliding, simply click on the picture, a new window should open up, and then choose gallery, you will then be able to scroll through without the sliding)

Above is a slide show of the layouts for the Scrapbook Satuardays at Logan Village Mall! All of these layouts were showcased during the Saturdays meet ups! This wonderful program is about to begin again, if you are interested, please email me at The first Scrapbook Saturday is this Saturday, January 8th from 10:30-Noon! You do not have to be there the entire time, just simply show up sometime between 10:30 and Noon to complete the technique. The fee for the year is $25.00. This includes one 12x12 page each month. If you like to do two-page layouts, you can pay an additional $5.00 per month! Questions, please call 317-937-8940 or stop on over this Saturday at Logan Village Mall (10th and Logan Street in Noblesville).

Christmas 2010

December was filled with holiday cheer as the kids anticipated the arrival of good ole St. Nick! What's funny, is they enjoy the though of Santa Clause, however, they don't dare sit on his lap or even write him a letter stating what they want! Actually, Elliott did write a letter to Santa at school, and the teacher mailed it off. So in Elliott's mind, she already wrote her letter!

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Mathews. The kids loved their presents. Myles got a huge lego Harry Potter castle set and Elliott go her very own pink Nintendo DSI! And of course I was spoiled, again, by my mother! She's so sweet and gave Seth and I each an envelope with some money. This will sure be spent well towards the new house! Dane got a neat toy he can place is cars on and they go around in circles. Elliott also loved her chocolate in her stocking. Myles got his very ow art bin filled with his very own markers, crayons and pencils.

Christmas Day was great, too. The kids awoke at a whopping 8:00 am. I remember as a kid waking up at the wee hours of 4am! Dane was entranced immediately with his Train Table, he ripped off the paper and didn't move the entire time. Santa worried for nothing about the fact Dane only had one gift to unwrap.... it didn't seem to bother Dane one bit! Myles and Elliott hurriedly opened their presents with joys, screams and excitement! Seth surprised me (with shopping on Christmas Eve Eve) a fancy wine opener and some socks. Santa brought Seth some new aftershave and jeans.

Christmas afternoon we headed to Ft WAyne for a little holiday surprise for Kathy (we showed up a day early). We spent the evening at the Taylor household in Fort Wayne and had Christmas with Seth's family on Sunday! We got a garage door opener, yeah! Myles was super thrilled with his Harry Potter Wii game and Elliott enjoyed her clothes and trinkets! Dane got a super cool Little People winding thing he can put his cars down and they go around in circles! Dane really enjoys playing with cars.

Sunday night my prayers came true... Grandma Taylor decided to come home with us for the week. With closing on December 29th and only about three boxes packed, I was a little frazzled! Grandma Taylor does so well with the kiddos, she cooks, she cleans, and shge entertained the kids so I can get some boxes packed. I am sure thankful she gave up her week to spend with us!

December 2010

Taylor Sledding Event!

Where to begin on this month. Well, let's start with putting up the tree. Wow, what an acitivty. It was a true family event! EAch and every person enjoyed hanging up the lights, ornaments, garland and a few extras! Of course the tree didn't stay pretty for very long! Dane enjoyed taking them off all the way up until he could reach. No sense in putting the stuff back on, he would simply pull off again. And after the fourth time the tree fell over, the ribbons and garland came off! This month was extremely special for all of us, we had a wonderful holiday celebration with each of our familes. The kids ended a fantastic semester of school! Elliott is making wonderful progress learning her letters and numbers! Myles of course simply enjoys recess! He does pretty well in school. It is so awesome to have a child that truly 'get's it!' Myles is able to think rationally and draw his own conclusions! The end of the month was fantastic as we approached our closing on our new home... will have an entire post of it's own! Enjoy Decembers photos!

November 2010

Elliott turned six on November 1st, oh my I can't believe she is six-years-old. The house made great progress this month. It is so exciting to live so close to the construction! We can see changes daily - and I mean daily! There are always pods of people working diligently to construct our home! Enjoy the candid collage of photos!

October 2010

October was super busy in the Taylor household. The house (finally) broke ground, I started classses with University of Phoenix, and of course the three kids were super active. I don't think Dane ever sits still for more than a minute! Unfortunately at the end of the month, I decided to pull my scrapbooking website offline while we adjust to all the changes in our lives! Enjoy this collage of photos taken throughout the month. We had fun celebrating Elliott's birthday in Fort Wayne at the end of the month! Elliott enjoyed her birthday celebration with her girlfriends and their dolls!