Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December Moments

December was 'highly productive' for the Taylor family.... so needless to say, not much made it to the blog, so I have compiled a collage of Decembers pictures. Events shown are some fun holiday activities (decorating and making our own gingerbread houses), holiday parties at the kids schools and preshcools, Dane's love for bathtime, and other random hightlights from the month! Enjoy!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Myles has referred to this day as the best Christmas ever. And I honestly think it's because he got to play video games all day. And truthfully he hasn't been playing too many games on his new NIntendo DSi as much as he has been doodling on the little game system. Elliott has had a great day, too. Myles has so nicely shared his new toy with her. Elliott could share her new toys, however, Myles isn't into Barbies! I have enjoyed watching the children play and play and play some more. It's amazing how well they both shared, played, and were angleic children all day! Dane of course was on stimulation overload between the wrapping paper and all the platic ties. Santa was smart this year and untied all his gifts, so they could immediately be chewed on and played with! Now, maybe next year Santa will untwist and cut all the packaging on Barbie stuff! Elliott was so thrilled wither her 'Nuggie' known to everyone else as Snuggie, yes, you've seen the commercials. My five-year-old is a marekting departments dream child, as she descirbed to me the 'nuggie' that she had seen on a commercial! And she told me this two days after I had already got her one.... it was too funny! For Elliott, each morning she wakes up and heads down to the couch and cuddles up in a blanket. And that is why she wanted one. So when she opend her 'nuggie' she was so happy. Seth was thrilled with his Christmas, too. Santa brought him (and the kids)their own laptop computer. Who would of thought you would need two computers for one family. Seth also got a new game for Wii and a Levi jean jacket. Seth so dearly got me a pair of Ugg boots, man the warmth and comfort is amazing. Elliotts list of presents includes barbie items (tattoo Barbie, shampoo Barbie, and Bicycle Barbie), Bitty Baby stuff, American Girl doll bed, Snuggie, and that's about it. Myles got the Dsi and a few games. Which h e really didn't need the games once he found out you could doodle. And I got boots! Everyone was happy. What a wonderful time of year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Our 'Learning' Advent Calendar

My mother and I were shopping and we saw this cute Santa, she said it would make a great countdown to Christmas... and I took it one step further and made it a learning Advent Calendar. Each morning I put 25 minus the day of the month, and Myles had to solve the problem. He enjoyed this activity and if I didn't have the problem up when he woke up, he asked me where his proble was for the day! I am thrilled to have such an eager learner!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here is a quick video of Elliott and some of her preschool class singing at her Christmas program last weekend! Elliott was so cute, she wanted to get pretty for her program. We curled her hair, put on make up, and wore a pretty dress. She is so much fun to have as a child (challenging at times, but fun.... for example, today, I was giving Dane a bath, and in swoops Elliott. She lathers up her hands and starts washing Dane's hair before I can even say 'no' or anything at all, and she does a darn good job! I have to learn to let her do and not continue to say no, stop it, and so on. So like I said, she is a challenge).

And up goes the tree

Okay... quick note... I am behind on updating my blog, and usually I like to go back and post date the entries, however, I am playing catch up, so please forgive me!

Here is a photo, a rare one in which the ENTIRE family (dog included) is in one photo. How did this happen, you ask. My parents were visiting and my mother snapped a few good photos! Oh man was it fun to finally put up the tree (which actually went up a few weeks ago)! Elliott loved dragging out all the decorations and ornaments! She keeps asking whena re we going to put up the lights outside! WE've never put up lights outside, maybe t hat'll happen next year! I also love getting out all the ornaments, as it seems most of them have a special meaning!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Meaning

What's the meaning of Christmas can vary from person to person! This is the first Christmas in a long time that we have brought religion into our Christmas, and it was a wonderful feeling and will continue to shine a light in all of us! Elliott attends Acton United Methodist C hurch for preschool and in this she learns basic facts about the bible. We are not regular chruch attendees, to be quite honest, it's been years since we've attended a service. I do attend MOPS at Indian Creek in which I can gain fellowship and friendship. So where am I going with all of this... a few days ago, Elliott mentioned Dane looking like baby Jesus as she propped him on a pillow! And I thought, what a great photo opportunity! It's not every Christmas you get to have a baby! And the kids (with ice c ream as a reward) cooperated enought to capture a precious shot of our own version of Mary and baby Jesus and an angel!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Open House photos....

Below are just a few of the projects available! There are no specific times, simply show up and 'make and take it.' Questions, please feel free to call me 317-937-8940! I look forward to seeing some of you there!

Joy 12x12 Layout
Create this single page layout entitled Joy. Cost $3.50.

Gift Jar
Embellish the jar on the outside and fill it on the inside with candy treats! This would make a perfect (inexpensive) gift for teachers, bus drivers, postal carriers and so on! Cost $3.50.

Decorated Christmas Frame
Cherish your photos with Santa (current or years past!), family photo or any other Christmas photo inside one of these hand crafter decorated frames. Cost $3.50 each.

Coaster Chipboard mini album
Create this adorable Chipboard mini album using coasters and new My Minds Eye Christmas pattern papers. This album would make a great addition to your tree, gift, or keepsake! Cost $3.50

Recipe Book Make N Take
This book contines 4x6 page protectors with Recipe cards inside! Each Booklet comes with 10 pages and 10 recipe cards. Additional pages recipe cards will be available for purchase. This book is perfect to cherish family recipes, family favorites, and would make a great gift! Cost $7.50.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I guess I should pay more attention! Dane was at my feet, and I was talking with a friend. Not thinking too much of him getting into anything! Thank goodness Elliott was watching him, and took the marker out of his hand otherwise, who knows where it would of ended up! My friend, Vicki, looked down and Dane and said Oh My Goodness, what is on his face! Oh it was funny, he was just smiling big time! And my dear, Elliott, was such a big helper and took the marker out of his hand and gave it to me! This is my eye opener that I need to be a bit more alert with Dane and his surroundings. No more letting him down around my scrapbook desk. None of the other kids were hand-to-mouth babies. Dane, however, puts EVERYTHING in his mouth! Oh well... Vicki said it would be a great picture, so of course I had to snap a few! Dont you just love those big eyes and inquisitive look!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dane is on the move....

Oh and he is into everything! Once he's down, he is on the go. He likes to find the tiny pieces of remnants on the floor, Elliott's play food, Legos (of course), and he likes to pull out everything from under the TV! He is getting quick, too. It didn't take long to go from slightly moving to completely mobile! And if he knows you are trying to get the item he's after, he tries to get to it quicker. It is so funny to watch. He is not crawling yet on his knees, he scoots across the floor with his elbows and knees. I will post a video soon!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Elliott's morning routine

Elliott has her own routine! Every morning she looks forward to fixing her hair, getting dressed, and even applying make up! I know she is way to young for make up, however, she is not to young to learn the importance of 'making yourself pretty.' So, I put together her own make up bag (which for now is just in a ziploc bag, maybe Santa will bring her her own make up bag)! She has a translucent face powder and translucent eye shadow. She gets the joy of putting make up on, and I get the joy of knowing it isn't bright pink or blue or some other odd color! And you'd never know she is wearing make up! It is a win win for all of us! Oh, and of course she has to use hair products (mousse, hairspray, and so on) and likes to put in her own clips! She is getting better at putting the clips in and having them stay! And then it is off to her closet to attempt to find something to wear! It would sure be nice if she wasn't so darn picky - no tags, so seams that itch, and no socks! It sure is a good thing we have extra time each morning to allow for this freedom to get ready! I couln't imagin having to get Elliott and myself ready in a timely manner!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birch Run, Michigan Scrapbook Convention

Wow, what a weekend it was this past weekend... a few dear friends (thank you very much Vicki and Gina) and I headed up to Birch Run, MI to be vendors at a scrapbook convention! And, this was a first for all of us. Gina came along for moral support and happily manned the make n takes for us through the weekend. Vicki provided endless energy,awesome kits, and so much more! We ventured up north on Thursday, it was about a five hour drive, pretty easy driving thanks to my father's Suburban! You would have never known we had hundreds of pounds of paper and racks and more! We check into our hotel late, and then up early Friday morning to set up. None of us knew what the expect.... we were definitely anxious, nervous, excited and oh and maybe even a tad overwhelmed. However, once we got there, were were able to unload in a matter of minutes since we drove right up to our booth space! Set up took a few hours, putting together grids, hanging up kits, and setting up or spot! Then the shopper started coming and coming and coming! By the end of the night were were exhausted, and ready to sleep! We weren't thrilled with Friday's sales, so we regrouped and headed back Saturday! And much to our surprise, within one hour we had already reached Friday's sales, so we felt great about our day and enjoyed meeting new scrapbookers, conversing with croppers and enjoying the event! We offered several make n takes (cards, decorative jars, recipe books, layouts)! After Saturday's end, we decidced to head across the street to the big outlet mall and shop a little bit.... next time we will bring a car top carrier for all Gina's purchases! Ha, I hope you are reading this, Gina! Sunday brought us another day of shoppers and more scrapbooking fun. Overall it was a good show! A lot of work, but it was great to get away and experience the 'convention' atmosphere! Oh, and I must say, we had the suburban packed and ready to go in 1 hr, talk about hustling to 'get r done.' I can't wait to attend another show, Vicki and I chatted all the way home about all the things we could do next time, and Gina threw out some great ideas, too. I did, however, miss my baby and family! It was great to come home and see everyone again! Even though you'd think being baby-less, I would have slept through the night, no such luck! I did, however, get to eat warm meals without holding anyone!

Elliott's Birthday Party

Better late than never... okay, so the actual birthday party was November 1st and here it is days later... Elliott turned 5 on the 1st and invited a preschool friend and some neighbors over for a dress up tea party! And what fun it was. I got out my old tea set (given to me by my Grandma when I was a young girl) and set out a tray with lovely finger foods (which happened to be on some of my grandma's stitched napkins) and the girls in their fancy dresses and big hats had a tea party! Oh, was too cute! And then of course the girls were all over the house, upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, and the it was Barbies and babies and oh my goodness, this was my fourth party in four days (refer to previous posts in regards to party overload), and I was exhausted at the end! Seeing Elliott joy and excitement was well worth the exhaustion.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Calendar Kit

Okay, this is a good one... I must say, I plan to actually use the sample for Dane's baby book! It will be so much fun to put pictures from each month and see how he's grown through the year! However, the kit is meant to go onto a calendar! The kit comes with all the supplies to create the 12 single page layouts (titles, too)! It is not posted online, however, if you are interested in a kit, do let me know (send me an email to! The cost is $45.00 (that is less than $4 a page!) for just the kit. You may also order an additional calendar (in which you can add the pages, too) for $10. I have posted a few pictures!

Also, Vicki Harper and I have teamed up again to head up north to Michigan for a scrapbook convention! This is a first time for both of us, wow, not sure what to expect, let's hope good things! Will update you on the events!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What would we do without parents?

And I speak about my parents! Last week my computer wouldn't power up leaving me pretty much stuck in a rut as for getting things done that I need done for preparing for my upcoming convention (this time next week Vicki and I will be packed and on our way to Michigan to set up a booth at a scrapbook convention, oh and of course my dear friend Gina is coming along to help!) and getting things in line for my new sketch book coming out very soon! I tried contacting the warranty department for my computer, and of course they can't find me, just my luck. And this means I know have to hunt for an original receipt (which I purchased the computer from a friend, so I must have her help). Needless to say, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. One light at the end of the tunnel, Best Buy offers hard drive back up for dirt cheap - $150 and I get an external hard drive, so I hopefully won't be in this position again). I had to do this because, of course, I didn't have everything backed up! Anway, it could be weeks before I get a computer, and running a business, typing on my blog, checking emails, online banking, and all the other life necessities (shopping for the season's best toys or trying to sell old ones to make money for new ones!) just couldn't happen without a computer! So, my father is acutally the one who suggested a proposal... He said he planned on getting my mother a laptop for Christmas, and I could simply borrow it until mine gets back. Such a dear. And my mother, being the nice, patient woman she is, has agreed to let me user her laptop while waiting for mine to get fixed! What would we do without parents! Of course, going out and buying a new one for myself is not in my budget at the moment... so my parents to the rescue... Mom/Dad if you are reading this, thank you very much and I love you both very much!
Enjoy this little clip of Elliott saying ' I pledge allegiance.'

Monday, November 2, 2009

Party Central

Okay, so four days straight of parties has sure worn me out.... the madness began on Thursday with Elliott's preschool Halloween Party. The kids were so cute in their dress up costumes!

Friday brought on Myles 2nd grade party. I must say I am truly impressed with the parent support for the party. I did send home 'handmade' invitations consisting of a print out with the party specifics tied to a piece of orange con strction paper (I'll upload a pic, soon). It was super simple, however, I try to make it stand out in their folder of stuff that gets sent home. And I got several bags of candy, and even a parent to donate the cupcakes! This was great! I provided a make your own pumpkin by covering a roll of toilet paper with tissue paper, and the kids seemed to love this. And we played pass the pumpkin! I had a some down time and started (on a whim) an add along story where I started a trick or treat story and each kid added a part (we went along with abc order). It was fun to hear what the kids came up with! And I was actually impressed with this 'on a whim' activity!

Now it's on to the Taylor Halloween Open house.... where I invited neighbors and some of the kids friends over for some Halloween Fun! The kids sure enjoyed themselves, and hopefully the adults enjoyed the goodies. Thanks to my friend Gina, I got some great Tastefully Simple Dips, and I cooked a Carmel Apple Crisp, Chocolate Chip Cheescake bars, ghoulish punch and more! I did manage to capture a few photos! And the best part about the party.... my husband did a deep clean. He said we can't have the neighbors over with our house looking like it did! We WERE head to toe with toes, but now we have a loft with lots of room to play and is clutter free! So excited about this! Of course, I don't have any photos of the yummy food, what was I thinking! And then trick or treating was great, a bit chilly, but fun. Thankfully Grandma and

Grandpa Mathews stuck around to watch baby Dane, so the rest of us could venture out! Myles was a skeleton and Elliott a 'wicked' witch! She loved hackling like a which! After a few streets Myles was done, and Elliott wanted MORE houses. I'm surprised Elliott wasn't tired since she ran from house to house!

(My husband was attempting to be Helio Castronevas, of course minus the correct racing shirt and knack for dancing! He did capture the look rather well).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taking Dane for a Chest Xray....

Before your worry too much, the Xray turned out okay. We did take Dane to St Francis hospital imaging for a chest xray to confirm he didn't have pneomonia! He has had a nasty cold for ten days, no fever, just coughing and losing his voice. So the Dr. ordered a chest xray which turned out fine, so this was excellent news. Being at the hospital was scary with the threat of H1N1. Elliott had to wear a mask to cover her mouth/nose, which she looked so adorable, I just had to share!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Party in Fort Wayne

Makin Cake with Grandma.... and taking lots of taste tests!

This is what I wanted, Elliott exclaimed as she opened.... and you can tell by the million dollar smile!

Blowin out the candles!

Grandma Taylor took the two big kids for Fall Break... and what a nice break it was! It was so peaceful and quiet for the two days they were gone. And Dane was home, but quiet, too, since the poor baby had lost his voice. But then again, it was heart breaking to hear is hoarse cry because it had to of hurt his little throat. I was able to get a few things accomplished around the house! Seth and I went up to visit on Saturday. And then on Sunday we celebrated Elliott's birthday with Seth's family. Elliott was so excited about her balloons, eating cake, and opening presents!

And of course I had to share these adorable pictures of Dane! My baby boy is getting so big...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lots of new kits just posted, taking preorders for 101 Easy Sketches...

Wow, October has been jammed packed with new stuff for Project Scrapbook. I just uploaded over 20 new kits to the website, and I am going to post a slide show here for you to view - as they many not always make it into the What's New folder! There are kits for school, Christmas, Halloween, Travel and more!!! You are sure to find something you need for your scrapbook albums!

Also... I am now taking preorders on a new book I will be publishing (myself). The book is titled 101 Easy Sketches, and will contain 101 black and white two page sketches. Each sketch is jammed packed with photo spots and is sure to provide endless inspiration. Preorder yours today for only $10.00. You have until November 1st to take advantage of the fantastic offer. The book will ship on November 10th or you can pick up at November 20&21 crop in Carmel. After November 1st the book retail cost will be $12.50.

Visit for book preorder and all the new kits!