Thursday, March 26, 2009

Everyone is doing GREAT!

Myles and Elliott are adjusting fine to the new addition. Actually, Myles was a little sad yesterday morning because the baby wasn't up in the morning to see him off to school. And he made a comment to Elliott that she is lucky because she gets to see the baby all day and he only gets to see him in the morning and evening after school. Elliott of course is all over the baby all day. So it's been quite a challenge teaching Elliott the etiquette of holding, touching, seeing, and playing with a new baby! She really likes to touch him and hold him! And Myles is starting to come around - at first he just wanted to see the baby, but now he wants to touch and talk to the baby. Last night Myles even read the baby a book. As for Dane his is so alert when he's awake, his eyes get so big and he just looks around! And thankfully he is staying on the NICU schedule so he's eating fairly regulary at every three hours (I guess one positive about being in NICU is bringing home a baby on a schedule, of course I know this can change at any moment). And he's a good eater. I remember bringing my other two home and having absolutely NO schedule, they'd eat every hour and at inconsistent times. We are just so happy to be home!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh what a great day!!! Dane is HOME!!!!!

Yesterday, we got word Dane might come home today..... however, I didn't want to get my hopes ups until I actually signed the discharge papers! Which did happen just a few hours ago.... so excited. We are now all home and happy! The kids were beside themselves with joy, Elliott has not taken her hands off him! And surprisingly the baby is still sleeping after an hour of poking and prodding of the kiddos! I for sure feel much relief knowing he is home with us and we can now be our NEW family. And he is on an Apnea monitor for at least two weeks when he is sleeping/napping, so we do have that extra sense of security! So thank you for all your prayers and support. I cannot wait to share this precious boy with each and every one of you, he is simply beautiful and the perfect addition to our home!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another day! Danes has gone 48 hours without any 'episodes.' So hopefully news will be good in the morning for discharge. I am full of fear each morning as I drivet o the hospital that I something will happen overnight. I am so ready (only if he is truly ready, too) for baby Dane to come home. Today was a great day for Seth and the kids - they spent most of the day outsdide hunting frogs and jumping on the trampoline. Seth is such a great distraction for the kids, he is a kid himself and enjoys the frog hunting and jumping just as much as the do.
On a side note.... I have been able to work on a few things for Project Scrapbook, your newsletter is coming soon with lots of updates! Also, I do have a couple new layouts I hope to post soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Dane is such a handsome guy!

Saturday, March 21st. Dane is making such great progress, let's hope he stays on the upswing. He is not longer on the billy blanket (for jaundice). He was born at 6 lbs 12oz and went down to 6lbs 4oz, however, he is now over 6lbs 5 oz. He is eating well - better than either child of mine during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. The nurses have him (as they do all the other babies in the NICU) on a tight schedule where he eats every three hours - I so hope he stays on this schedule when he comes home! As for coming home, still up in the air. He has gone 24 hours without any 'episodes' or alarms. So that is a good thing! According to the nurses, they like to have them 'episode' free for 3-5 days! It is quite challenging juggling the back n forth between home and the hospital for feedings and quality time with Dane. I was thrilled today when I went and he was up for an entire hour!!! He was so alert and his eyes wide open - I ws a little bummend I had no one to share this moment with, so I got out my camera and snapped a quick little video, so it's almost like everyone was there with me! Enjoy! I must share this quick story, yesterday I shared a video with the kids of baby Dane, and Myles made the comment 'so he's not dead.' I was jaw dropping amazed at the comment. I never realized that this type of thought might be in him little head! I was so thankful to share the movie with the kids just for this reason, to share that he is a real being! Both kids were in complete awe of the movie with huge smiles on their faces and wide eyes looking at the video.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I guess it's time to be realistic...

It may be next week before baby gets to come home... as sad as it makes me it's truly what is best for baby. They now say his irregular breathing is signs of immaturity... so luckily he'll grow out of hit. But unlucky for us, he still needs to be in the NICU. And when he is fortunate enough to come home, they will send us home with a monitor. And we did get some quality time today with the eyes open and lots of snuggling. Actually I have been with him a full 24 hrs now, and it's been great. However, there are the other two hooligans at home that miss me and I miss them! Thankfully my parents have been a tremendous help and Seth has been with me quite a bit at the hospital. He's eating like a champ, so I can relax a little bit. The nurses now have a freezer full of milk supply for Dane in case I miss a feeding! Let's just hope that each day Dane gets stronger in his breathing patterns and will get to come early next week (this weekend by pure miracle).

Another night...

This morning I woke up actually feeling like a new mom - tired ands sleep deprived! Dane had to spend another night in NICU, but this time I got to stay, too. They have a private room off the unit and he was even able to room in with me! It almost felt like having a real baby in a real home (minus the wires I have to fight with each time I feed him and change his diaper). And since he has monitors for his breathing, heart and oxygen, the night was full of beeps - nothing major - and of course each time he made a sound I leaped up to his side. Total, I think I got about 3 hours of sleep! Oh well, at least I did get to spend the night with him! We should have an update this morning on his status.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It may be another day.

Dane has been doing great since his arrival in NICU... and of course I leave last night with the nurses/dr.s saying as long as he has a good night he'll get to come home today. Well to our luck, he had an 'episode' as they like to call it and may have to stay another night for monitoring. He has a low breathing/heart rate when he's sleeping and at one point last night his oxygen dropped, so that was his 'episode' as the nurses call it. And so they may choose to keep him another day or two for monitoring. Will keep you posted on any new details.

Isn't he adorable.....

Yesterday for us was like an episode of Bill Murray's Groundhogs Day where you feel like you are repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again! We made several trips to the hospital yesterday so I could feed Dane, which seemed to work out very nicely! Of course I let Seth sleep through the night and not ferry me back and forth all night! Seth did such a great job entertaining the other two kids so I could see the baby. He took them to the park and Meijer and drives around the parking lot!!! Thankfully grandma and grandpa came up in the evening to take the kids out to dinner and let us stay at the hospital a little longer! Yesterday was a great day for Dane, he was taken off the feeding tube overnight (which allowed me to feed him all day) and then the IV came out in the afternoon! So, if hopefully he can come home today (if all stays well). He has two lovely siblings who are dying to see him! Elliott is so upset she hasn't seen him yet! Yesterday while we were getting ready to go back to the hospital again, Elliott brought downstairs a hair bow, brush and fingernail polish and said 'I need to look pretty to see my new brother!' She's such a girly girl. Check back later, hopefully, for an announcement of Dane's homecoming.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just a few updates....

Leaving the hospital today was a bittersweet moment. It felt so great to be coming home, yet so awful to have to leave our brand new baby in the NICU for an undetermined amount of time. Dane is doing great, they actaully took him off the vapormist. So he only has an IV and feeding tube (poor guy). Most likely they will keep him at least 48 hours from the time they took him, so that should be 7PM Wednesday evening). We are waiting results from blood work to make sure he does not have any infections. So (fingers crossed, and no infections) we will take him home Thursday morning.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby has arrived!

Okay, he's too cute to not share! Dane Finley Taylor came today at 3:15 pm, very quick too! I am doing great - physically. Mentally I am a little shaken up, baby Dane is in the NICU for breathing difficutlties, so please keep him in your prayers that this is short lived. The nurses/drs say he could be fine as early as morning or they may have to keep him for a few days! Of course I am a wreck! So sad the kiddos couldn't see him today. But he is expected to be fine.... just worrisome for us! I know there are many of you thinking of us, and we appreciate your thoughts. I will pass along any information I can get.... don't you just love technology! I know I do - considering I should be sleeping right now, but can't! Will know more tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Scrapbooking Product!

Yesterday was like Christmas for me!!! I just got in tons of Cat's Eye chalk ink pads and a cute little display to put them on! I just can't wait to bring it to the crop this Saturday - I think the baby is holding out on me because it knows I want to come this weekend! I am so thrilled to be able to offer basic scrapbook supplies! The inkpads come in a rainbow assortment of colors. I did get the Sepia Black - which is a favorite of mine, it provides a black edge with more of a softer look than charcoal black! It's a must! And of course there are plenty of the Dark Browns and Chestnut Roans - my other staple!! These ink pads will be available at crops, and eventually I will get them online!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Okay, so no baby yet!

My 'nesting' instinct has been replaced with 'creative' instinct. This past week with thoughts of having this baby any day have consumed my mind, so I have been trying to not think about having the baby. And this has lead me to create new, exciting layouts for my online store. I'll post a few pics here, but for the latest go to and click on the online store and then the What's New Category. You may place your order and pick up at the crop this Saturday, March 14 (even if I'm not there).

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Myles

Or should I say, Happy Birthday to Daddy, Elliott and eventually me, too! Don't you just love the gifts that the whole family can enjoy!!!! And on this day, and probably every other bright, sunny day in the future this trampoline is a gift to be enjoyed by all! Let's just hope that no major accidents incur as a result of this gift!!! A couple weeks ago, my mother and I were going over ideas on what to get Myles. And of course, if you ask him all he wants is legos.... however, my fingers are still sore from all the lego building at Christmas. I said, lets get him something he can do outside, and we opted for a trampoline (which was always a fave of mine as a child, even though I never had one until I was actually a teen ager in which I bought it myself with my own money!). Myles was in heaven! And today was the perfect day for such a great gift. It is not often that at Myles birthday party you get the opportunity to play outside. And today with the 60+ temps and bright sun, it was the PERFECT day to be outside! This afternoon was Myles birthday, which was themed Movie Matinee! Needless to say, with the new trampoline and sunny skies, only half the movie (and five bags of popcorn) were consumed! It was so great to have six boys (and Elliott tagging along and trying to keep up) enjoying the outdoors, playing, and having a super time together! I must say being nine months pregnant and trying to keep up with all the kids was pretty exhausting, but well worth it!
As for the photo above, that is my dear husband and Myles. I think my husband was the most thrilled out of everyone about this gift! It's the one large item he has put together that he didn't complain or procrastinate through the entire set up. T hat is because he knew he would get to enjoy the outcome!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Scrapbooking/Baby updates

Okay, so the dr. has decided to keep me on the medicine one more day since tomorrow is officially 36 weeks. And after that the baby can come in one day, one week or who knows! So, the anticipation continues...

Scrapbooking updates, you still have time to sign up for March's Kit Club... check out the sneek peak to help you decide which kit works best for you! I will have them available for pick up at the March 14th crop or you can have them shipped to your door! Go to to sign up for your kit or send me an email at Questions about the kit club, please email me or call me at 317-937-8940 - as long as I'm not in the hospital I will be available to chat!