Sunday, May 31, 2009

The End.

We stayed in Kennesa,Georgia Saturday night. We decided to leave super early, so it meant stopping about 3pm. It was a nice stop, they had an outdoor pool. We found a yummy El Rodeo for dinner, and comfy beds (the best all week since our condo beds were awful to sleep in)! Then it was up early again on Sunday. We finally made it back to our house early afternoon on Sunday. It was anotehr great trip for all parties! Dane did amazingly well, a bit more crankier than before, but no crying spells which is impressive for two days of travelling. And the kids did surprisingly well again, too. I thought maybe they'd be so tired, they'd be cranky. But with all the distractions in the car they were great. I actually think Myles enjoys the car rides. It is nice to be home, again.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Oh what a great last day of vacation! It was a bit overcast and cloudy in the morning, but soon the sun shined and it was a beautiful day full of sunshine, swimming and even a bit of beach time! The kids were eager to get out and swim again!

And it was cool enough in the morning, Dane could join us, too, in his bouncy seat! What a great thing that was for us this vacation! It was a bittersweet day for all of us, sweet because we were in Florida and enjoying the warm temps and sunshine, yet, bitter because it was our last day! The last day is never fun because it's the end to a great week! Elliott gave vacation two thumbs up and an 'awesome' comment!

She made great progess this week with her swimming, by today she was learning to swim and come up for breaths of air (instead of holding her breath the whole time!). Myles continued to grow strong and have less fears of the ocean, except for he did get a cut and Seth told him the sharks would smell him. So Myles made sure he kept bandaids on all his scraped skin! And he would ask me if you could see any blood. Seth is good at making these kind of jokes, only the kids sometime take him way too serious! This evening we went to the restaurant on top the Lani Kai for awesome view, and it's Myles favoirte place because the gliding rockers overlook the ocean! And you get some great views of Ft Myers beach!

It can be a bit scary, too, since the only thing keeping you on top is a tiny 5ft gate which would be easy to topple over! I think it makes Grandma a little nervous. The kids picked out captain hats at the souvenir shop and Myles loved it! I don't think he took it off the whole evening. Then it was down the beach back to the condo. And I even gathered everyone for my attempt at a silhouette family photo... it's good enough for me a novice photographer.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Great Day at the Beach!

The weather couldn’t have been better this week so far! It has been clear skies and sunny and Florida hot (not too sticky, humid hot). Today, was the first day with a few clouds. All the forecasted thunderstorms have been late at night. The last few days have actually had very little wind, too. This morning Seth and Dad took the kayak down the beach a bit for fishing. Mom and I took the kids down to the tourist shops so they can pick out a souvenir. Myles picked out a manatee stuffed animal and Elliott chose a manatee purse. Then it was back to the pool for some swimming fun! It’s amazing the kids are eager to go out each time. Elliott is so over putting on sunscreen, her face is getting dried out from chlorine and sun, so it itches when the sunscreen is put on her face. It is nice that both kids have swim shirts with their bathing suits so it’s less areas to apply sunscreen. And it also helps that they have four or five suits to change into for each time they came up they could take off their wet suits and put on dry ones.

Elliott made the comment that this vacation is ‘awesome’ and she gave Grandma two thumbs up! The afternoon for the kids was spent in the pool. This year is by far the most time both kids have spent outside. They come in long enough for a snack or lunch (or we bring a snack down to the pool). And I know it’s the most time I’ve spent swimming with the kids, too. Seth naturally swims with them quite a bit. This afternoon we were all a bit swimmed out, so we decided to get off the island and do some shopping.

We visited the Gulf Coast Center mall with quite a few shops. Elliott was so excited to find the underwater skateboard for Myles, Grandma said she’d get one for him! And Grandma got Elliott a new scuba diver Barbie, which in honesty, I think Myles thought it was just as cool as Elliott did. And for dinner we picked up a pizza and ate in the condo. Most people on vacation enjoy eating out fancy dinners and such, we are more into convenience! Pizza Hut did us just fine last night with pizza, breadsticks and even some cinnamon sticks for Myles. The kids were able to head to the pool for one last time for the evening to play with their new toys. Elliott asked and said ‘please say yes,’ so how could you say no to that.

Then it was back to the condo for movie and bedtime - at least one of the kids Seth, Myles or Elliott falls asleep for the movie.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Same Great Thing, Different Day!

Each morning I’m a bit worried as to the mood of the kids when they wake up. And each day they are just as happy as the day before. From sun up to sun down, they are both all smiles, and you know they must be tired with all the swimming and walking and playing all day long! First thing this morning was no different, they were so happy to be awake, and get ready for their day. Elliott is always asking ‘so what are we doing today.’ Just like at home, she needs to know what’s on our agenda (as we call it). Today the kids went out first thing with Daddy to the pool, I stayed in with Dane, it was too hot out to bring him out! Eventually we came down, but not for long, it was too hot! Seth took the kids out to the beach and they made a bunch of sand castles.

Myles enjoyed setting up all his army men and dinosaurs for a battle. Myles enjoys playing with Seth, he is all smiles. Today they spent a lot of time at the beach, and we set up an umbrella which helped provide some shade for Myles and Elliott. We also spent a lot of time in the pool. Grandma brought a blow up boat, and the kids loved to play in it, Myles liked to pretend he was in a whirlpool of waves. This afternoon Grandma had ‘Dane Duty’ and we got to go out as a family. Elliott just loves it when we are all together!

Grandpa enjoys playing with the kid int the pool, too. Myles likes it when he puts him on his shoudlers and jumps up and down - this has been a fave for the past several vacations! Grandma enjoys having Elliott jump in and swim across the pool, which today she made it across the width of the pool swimming without a bubble. She just kicks and kicks and kicks. And she even learned that swimming with her face in makes her go further faster!

My husband just loves to come to the beach and pull out his beach fashion, photo above sporting the sunglasses and shirt! He is so funny and well into trends! I so hope the kiddos pick up on his fashion sense. Right now, I'm just into finding something that fits! We all enjoyed a beach walk down to happy hour, Elliott had to sit in the stroller because she’s so tired and none of us wanted to carry her. So I carried Dane on the front pack and Elliott took a ride in the stroller. We went to taco night at Cabasca’s, a favorite for all of us.

After a yummy dinner and great drink specials (which I enjoyed in spirit) we picked up some ice cream at Dairy Queen on the beach! And Elliott enjoyed ice cream on the stroller ride home. Myles decided it was too cold, so we got to eat the rest! It was such a nice walk down the beach with the sun setting to an end to a great day!

The Florida sun is HOT!!!!!

There is something about being on the beach that makes waking up early not so bad (or tiring)! As a matter of fact, it is refreshing! And Myles and Elliott actually sleep in and aren’t up as soon as I’m up. Now, of course Dane is up, however, he takes very little energy! All I need to do with him is feed him and change his diaper! This morning Dad and Seth went out for a kayak ride and some fishing! The rest of us went shopping for a few grocery items. Grandma got the kids each a new toy, each were thrilled. Myles got some army men and Elliott picked out a purple Barbie mermaid. When we got back neither kid wanted to go swimming. Yet, as soon as Grandma had her suit on and headed to the pool, both kids were eager to go! And down they went! Myles enjoyed swimming underwater and Elliott wanted to swim to Grandma. When Seth and Dad go back, they came with fishin stories to tell, and these were good ones! They had a better nature show than any guided tour! They had an encounter with a manatee, and pictures to prove it! Oh, the joy Seth must have had (he’s my nature lover) and to be able to actually reach out and touch a manatee, he said it felt like pigs skin! Not only did they have this experience, they actually brought back a fish for dinner! And the kids were excited to have Daddy back to swim with them. Grandma enjoyed jumping in the pool with the kids, and the kids enjoyed jumping in the pool with the kids. It’s amazing what swim lessons can do to a fifty something woman! We actually went to the beach a bit for some sand building fun and skim board attempts for Seth! Myles even attempted the skim board, and did pretty good until each time he landed on his butt! Myles told Seth, ‘man we suck!’ I don’t know if I should laugh or punish for a comment like that! For dinner it was chicken and fresh caught sea trout (tag team effort Dad was trolling and Seth reeled in the fish). And then back to the beach and pool for some swimming and playing. It’s been a treat to eat in for dinner, it allows for more time to play. And with three kids, it is definitely a lot more work to go out to dinner.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another day in paradise!

Another great morning on the beach! The condo we stay in is on the third floor without an elevator, so it does make daily trips up a little challenging at times! However, the penthouse view is well worth all those trips. One of my favorite vacation things is to sit on the porch and enjoy a nice cup of coffee! The porch is huge (the size of a small dining room)! The ocean breeze is spectacular! And the view is beautiful! This morning was great to have Daddy to go out to the pool first thing. The kids were thrilled to have another person to play with, and Seth is so good at playing! He is great at entertaining them and playing at their level – simple things like splashing and water fights and water guns and of course jumping and diving into the pool!

Today, Elliott swam most the day without her bubble on, she does great swimming and this will help her to get strong enough to swim (safely) on her own all the time ‘just like her big brother,’ as Elliott would say! Dane hung out for a bit on the pool deck, and then Seth and him went in for a two hour nap. Grandpa thought they were so cute sleeping there, he took there photo. Seth says everytime he holds Dane, he instantly goes to sleep.

This is the first year, both Myles and Elliott enjoyed swimming in the ocean. Myles even said her prefered the ocean over the pool. I find that hard to beleive! And amazingly enough, Elliott got in the ocean, too. The kids stayed out most the morning, afternoon and evening. It’s truly amazing they don’t get sunburned, they have done a great job applying sunscreen! Evening time found us making the trek down to Times Square for happy hour. It was a hot walk down the beach, Elliott was so tired she needed shoulder rides (and we needed another stroller, one for her and one for Dane). But we made it to the park and then Wahoo Willies, a favorite for fish and chips.

The kids got their infamous pink lemonades and were thrilled. We thought we were going lose Elliott thru dinner, several times she nodded her head almost like she was going to go to sleep. With good reason, her and Myles played so hard all day swimming and building mud castles and running and then swimming and swimming and so on! We decided to give Elliott the stroller and carry Dane back to the condo, and it worked great! Walking back from dinner is always a treat with the beautiful sunsets (the best next to Key West) and cool breeze! Myles enjoys walking in the sand, it’s so nice to finally have a child who is strong enough and has the energy to walk down and back! Then it was back to the condo for movie and bedtime! The kids have barely watched a minute of TV, first vacation ever to not have the peel them away from Disney or Nickelodeon (I honestly don’t think we’ve watched either channel). And for me it was nice to hand Dane to Daddy and go to bed when I was ready.

Monday, May 25, 2009

May Monday Special #4

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I do hope you all have great plans and are creating special memories and times to remember! I am uploading another May Monday Special for only $5.00! All Monday specials are only $5.00 during the month of May, so don't delay in placing your order. The kits can be shipped or you can scedule to pick up at a monthly crop. To order yours, go to This layout is perfect for your Happy Hour pictures from the beach or even just loungin around the house! I had to feature a tropical theme since I'm writing this blog entry from the beach!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It was an early morning for Dane and I …. He decided not too long after 4 am was his time to be wide awake!!! I tried to get him back to bad, no luck. So up we got! Grandpa was up, too, and ready for his morning walk! Everyone else woke up at a normal time (7am)! It didn’t take the kids too long to be ready for sunscreen and the first trip to the pool for the day! It is great that this year both Myles and Elliott make it easy for sunscreen applications! This was a short lived trip the kids got a bit cold swimming, the sun was not quite on the pool, yet. Back up to the condo we went. Another hour later, we tried it again, and much more pleasant! Not that it’s cold outside (it’s 80 something), the pool is just better in the sun!
Elliott is really enjoying swimming without her bubble… so much it can be a bit scary at times! Myles is just as good as ever, he loves to jump in and swim down to the bottom. He loves to wear his goggles and swim and swim! Lunchtime, we went in and Elliott was so worn out already, she said she wanted to take a nap! Perfect timing, Dane wanted fed and so did everyone else! Myles got to go on a treasure hunt to find where ‘X’ marks the spot.

Pirate Mommy buried the treasure and drew out a treasure map. Myles looked forward to the hung all morning (a little impatient at time), but well worth the wait! He dug up a pirate Lego set, a favorite for him. Once Elliott woke up, she got to go on her treasure hunt to dig up a Barbie Jeep…. It’s the little things that help make vacation fun! We did see a pirate boat trolling in front of the condo, Grandma offered to take Myles, but he was just not interested (probably made him a bit nervous. After naps and lunch, back down to the pool we went until it was time to pick up Daddy at the airport. Myles, Grandpa, and of course Dane and I headed to get Seth off the plane at 5:30. What a relief it was to bring him on with us! The extra hands will Dane will be utilized greatly, especially for those middle-of-the-night cranky moments! Back at the condo, when Daddy walked in Elliott started screaming ‘I love you, I love you!’ She was so thrilled to see Daddy and welcome him to the beach! Seth was probably thinking, why can’t my wife greet me this way! And straight to the pool they all went. The kids just couldn’t wait for Seth to come, but with it being race weekend, Seth couldn’t get weekend days off. We were able to find a oneway flight for less than $90.00, so that made it a win win for everyone! We opted to eat dinner in since they all wanted to swim with Daddy. After dinner we went down to the beach for some exploration of the sand and water. Myles dug up his own starfish – with no help from any adult.

Grandpa caught a 37inch snook in the water on his first cast of the evening.

Myles and Elliott got to enjoy icecream in the sand and then it was in for a movie and bedtime! What a great day at the beach!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Ocean is so Beautiful....

Getting up at 6am with a crying baby isn’t so bad when you get to feed him on a balcony overlooking the ocean! Speaking of oceans, Elliott walked out onto the balcony and exclaimed ‘The ocean is so beautiful!’ It was so dramatic in tone, she was so thrilled to see the ocean! It didn’t take long for the kiddos to be up and ready to swim! Down to the pool they went! And surprisingly Dane did, too. He sat in his bouncy seat with a sun cover over it! The cover is a bug/sun cover with great ventilation and UV protection! So he slept in his seat down by the pool for his morning nap!

So great to have everyone outside together! We had to check out at 11, so we packed up the car and headed to the condo to see if we could check in early, no such luck. So off on our first trip (I’m sure to be of many) to Wal-mart for some groceries and several not-needed items! It seems we always find something that isn’t on the list, like a skim board for Dad, new bathing suit for me, squirt guns for the kids, etc. I will tell you the squirt guns are great. They are made with the ‘swim noodle’ foam and a pull back handle, so it’s easy to load water and easy for the kids to squirt! Okay, so maybe they aren’t great, because they are great at getting you wet! We got our stuff and headed back to the beach, and after several trips up to the 3rd floor (no elevator and no Seth to carry the majority of the bags) we were unloaded! Grandma took the antsy kids to the pool and let them swim again! And in heaven they were because they were able to get out all the cool toys Grandpa and Grandma packed (the nice thing about adding on the hitch to the back of the Suburban was we were able to load up on beach/pool toys)! Later in the afternoon, I took Dane down to the pool and put him in his seat with the cover and he slept again!Wow! Much better than I expected! There was a nice breeze so he stayed a bit cool, as much as you can for Florida!

We learned today Elliott can swim safely to the edge if she jumps in without her bubble. What such great progress from last year. The kids swam until dinnertime. We ate in, which made it nice to not have to work around weekend crowds with a stroller in Times Square. And it allows for swimming again shortly after dinner. Myles and Elliott were given a choice of ice cream down the beach or swimming, and surprisingly they chose swimming! I can’t believe it after they spent most the morning and afternoon swimming! At least the pool gets covered in shade for the evening swimming – one less application of sunscreen!

We did venture out to the beach for some exploration of crabs and Grandpa even found a starfish! After swimming it was baths, a movie and then to bed!

Friday, May 22, 2009

It was such a long morning for Elliott (and I’m sure Myles, too, except he was at school). Luckily we had a morning play date to help the time move along – picnic at the park and then a bit of playing outside. At 1:30 Elle, Dane and I went to get Myles at school… he came to us beaming a huge smile and ready to head to grandma’s. Both older kids were so excited to finally be on their way to grandma’s. Once at Lake Santee we loaded up the rest of our stuff and headed out just after 4:00pm… not sure of what to expect on the long 1100 mile trek to Fort Myers Beach. We are heading out with one less person than we usually have (Seth had to work) and with one more tiny person than usual (Dane). We have the expectation of driving straight thru, but without our night time driver we understand that may not happen. The drive started out GREAT and ended even better than any of us could have expected. All riders were content the entire drive. Grandpa drove us safely until 3:30 am, and then I picked up and drove us until 6:30 am, which this allowed us to drive straight through the night! Yeah, to the beach sooner we’ll be. And if it wasn’t for Grandma determined to stay awake all night, this wouldn’t have happen! Grandma ended up staying up for over 24 hours, WOW! She did a great job keeping us all company. Myles and Elliott enjoyed their bags packed full crayons, coloring pages, doodle papers, and other things to occupy their minds and time! Grandpa’s new suburban had flip down TV/DVD player which provided hours of movies! Yeah! It is amazing that for over 20 hours the kids remained settled and showed excellent behavior! No fighting (except for one two-minute disagreement), crying, or any bad behaviors! Even Dane remained calm and peaceful with absolutely NO tears!

We did arrive to Ft. Myers just afternoon on Friday! After checking out a few different hotels, we ended up at the Pierview Inn and Suites. For $75 a night (at least a hundred less than all the other places on the beach we checked out) the place was great. Myles and Elliott enjoyed the pool very much! It is so great to have warm water, so much so, even I didn’t mind jumping right in. As a matter of fact, you almost need to be in the pool to remain somewhat cool! Myles and Elliott’s first trip to the beach this vacation was a success, both kids enjoyed wading in the water (Myles really can’t wait until Dad get’s here on Sunday).

After swimming a bit we headed down the beach to get ice cream. She couldn’t wait to use the dollar Grandma gave her.

And then we went out to dinner at the Best Burgers on the Beach, it was okay. Elliott was so pooped she fell asleep with her head on the table and didn’t even get dinner.

And then back to the hotel. Myles went swimming again and again… until the sun went down. And then we all went in and asleep by 8:30pm.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

June Kit Club Sneak Peek

Wow... am I thrilled with this series of pattern papers! I am a bit bummed I didn't get a chance to create some stuff before I leave on vacation this afternoon.... however, I was at least able to put together a quick sneak peek of the fabulous Cosmo Cricket Snorkel and Earlybird collections! I promise you will love each kit and all its contents! Also, in the plans a mini book of 'Fave Recipes' using Earlybird and a mini book of 'Fave Photos' using the Snorkel collection. Each book will use ever versatile 4x6 page protectors, so all you will need to do is slip in a photo or recipe card (depending on which kit you choose). Also, in the plans for this kit are a series of cards, you will get to create a set of 8 cards! Place your order today! Check out in the online store at . You can choose to have your order shipped or pick up at a local crop, and as always, you can pay with Paypal or send a check (for checks, email me for address)!

Monday, May 18, 2009

May Monday Special # 3

Happy Monday Everyone! Today was a happy Monday for me until poor Dane went for his two month check up and had to get his first round of shots, poor baby! He cried and cried and cried, and when we finally went to the lobby, a few people made comments like 'so that was the baby crying.' My heart ached for him! He is peacefully sleeping now, so I have a few moments to share the May Monday special! The past few weeks have allowed us special trips to the park. And these trips make perfect opportunites for photos! Go to and click on the online stoer and What's New category!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Birthdays are such great days to reflect on life and what it means to you! Today, Seth was able to go golfing with his friends and have some much needed Dad time! He made the comment when he got home that it was so nice to be able to talk with the guys! I was curious as to why, he said it was nice to not have to censor what he wants to say!!! Or have me saying 'watch what you are saying.' The kids pick up on so much of what people say, you really have to be careful the tone and type of your talk. Anyway, so thrilled he was able to be with his friends, of course the kids missed hanging out with Dad all day, but we had a good time with lunch at the park and playing outside - even though it was a bit cool!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Who is this kid.....

The other day something must have clicked within Dane, he went from newborn to infant in just moments! He went from his cycle of eat, sleep, poop (as my kiddos like to say) to eat, sleep, and be awake!!!! And of course what does this mean for me... eat, sleep, hold Dane, repeat.... Yes, he has a new found joy for being held, for the past few weeks he'd eat and I could put him down! Now, he loves being held, this for sure will take some adjustment. Maybe Danes new actions are a result of his two month birthday, yes, I can't believe it, he is two months old today! We did visit a friend the other day who generoulsy gave us some useful baby items (bouncy chair, seat and play mat - and in perfect timing as Dane had enjoyed the new surroundings as he can reach for things and fix his gaze on toys). Okay, so my ability to get things done is now out the window!!! My husband and I were having a conversation about getting things done... He made the comment 'I don't see how you can get anything done, with two kids you had no excuse, but with three it's impossible!' So at least he is on board with me if the dishes are still in the sink when he gets home, or if the bathrooms are not sparkling clean, and if toys fill all levels/rooms of the house!

Friday, May 15, 2009

May Seasonal Kit

Here is May's Seasonal Kit's layouts! You also get to make an additional card and picture frame! To purchase your, simply go to and on the online store it is on the main page! The layouts include 12 pattern papers, title strip, journal cards, four yards ribbon, and more!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

May Funky Kit Club!

This kit is packed full of Fancy Pants Summer Soiree brand new pattern papers! You get 14 pattern papers, 12 sheets of cardstock, 4 yards ribbon, assorted brads, and titles for the layouts! You will also get sketches of the layouts along with a color copy! Your papers come in whole sheets so you get the liberty of choosing your own patterns for each layout! And the best part is you have additional supplies left after creating your three two-page layouts, card and picture frame! Sign up to receive your kit for $30.00, available to ship this Friday (for only $6.50, or you can schedule to pick your kit up at the next crop).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Big Helper

One of the most common questions I have people as me is 'Does Elliott help with the baby?' And yes, she does! She can be a BIG help... this photo above is of Elliott holding Dane (wide awake) while I did the dishes... she'll come through at the most convenient times!! I am finding she wants to do anything to help - even if it doesn't involve the baby!

Monday, May 11, 2009

May Monday Special #2

Take advantage of another May Monday special for only $5.00! You will get all the supplies, title and instructions to complete this two page 12x12 layout! Go to and in the online store, click on the 'What's New' category! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

American Idol Fun!!

The Wii has proved to be such a fun, family game system! I for one have never been much into video games. However, with the Wii, you can do so many interactive games. As a family we love the Wii sports, Rockband, Wii Fit, and now American Idol! I, by far, will never be the next American Idol, but in the comforts of home, it is sure fun to sing songs out loud! And as you can see, my husband sure enjoys singing, too... he doesn't know I'm posting these for all to see!!! The kids enjoy pretending to play along with us as well. We even let Elliott sing, and surprisingly, she doesn't get booed (if thats how you spell it) off the stage! She keeps the melody pretty good and even adds words after she's heard them from the singer on the tv.

New! New! New!

Wow, I have so many exciting scrap-happenings... I just received some new travel papers from SEI, next week I get Cosmo Cricket and Fancy Pants (both May and June monthly kit clubs).... Also, I've been busy creating layouts this past week, it's been fun! I've enjoyed the recent layouts using newer product! I have a slide show below showcasing some of the new items you'll find at . Also, it is not too late to sign up for May's Monthly kit club using brand new Fancy Pants pattern papers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I think it's a real smile....

I think it's finally a first, real smile! Today, I walked over to Dane in his swing, and this was the face I got! For the last week or so he's had tiny glimpses of smile, but this one seemed real! Oh man he is already growing too fast for me... I would, however, like him to grow out of his evening crying spells! Just wanted to share this exciting event!

Monday, May 4, 2009

First MAY Special!

Okay, if you read my recent newsletter, you will know that each Monday in May, I will post a layout for only $5.00! Yes, you can get all the supplies and instructions to complete the layout shown! Simply go to and click on the online store! You will find the layout in the What's New category! You can pick your kit up at a monthly crop, the next crop will be in June at the Residence Inn in Carmel!

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Croppin Fun!!!!

National Scrapbook Day is such a great way to celebrate the super fun hobby we all have and share! I am so thrilled to have shared this fantastic day with 28 fun, creative ladies!!! This was the largest group I've had so far (we spread out into two meeting rooms, yeah), and everyone was a delight to hang with for the weekend! The crop began Friday at 5 (some came earlier) and ended Saturday at 10pm. Several ladies attended both days, and some only one! I had the fabulous opportunity to meet several new people! Thank you to those scrappers who invited their friends! The social end of the hobby is one of the things I enjoy most! I love meeting knew people! I can't say I accomplished too much, but several ladies seemed happy with their accomplishments!!! I just had a great time providing food, make n takes, inspiration, and conversation! And surprisingly, baby Dane did pretty good with his first weekend of scrapbooking (he did crop with me last week, but that was only one day!). A special thanks to the ladies who wanted to hold him or stick his pacifier back in his mouth! Side note... care to hold a baby, come to the next crop, and Dane will be ready for you!