Thursday, April 30, 2009

Real Life Cinderella

So many of you saw Elliott with mop in hand, well she loved it so much, she asks daily to mop the floor, well today, I got the bucket of soapy water ready. I couldn't find the mop handle (had to wash mop head), so I told Elliott so sorry she couldn't mop. SHE asked if she could just use a dish rag, and of course I said yes!!! I actually figured she just play in the soapy water, however, to my surprise, she scrubbed the floor!!! And while doing so, she excitedly commented that she "Mommy, I am like Cinderella!" Just had to share!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, that's right another year older!!! I just love my birthday, minus the fact I get another year older!!! I love that it is my day, the special day in which I get special treatment! I can justify minor purchases (such as a skirt or scrapbook item). This year is the first year my husband got me a great gift... of course he waited until today to get it, and I had to watch the kids so he could do so! No big deal! And he did a great job! Also, my wonderful father made a cheescake (my favorite). My mother-in-law got me nice flower for my pots outside, she made the comment she could have got me a card, but who keeps those - obviously she hasn't seen the pile of mine stashed away ready to be scrapbooked! Actually I prefer the flowers.... I love flowers, the ones I can plant and enjoy for months. The kiddos also baked me a cake, and I got my fave ice cream cupcakes... it was simply a day of favorites. And most importantly I got to spend it with my family, my mom and dad, and inlaws.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The New Happy Hour

I can't say it's always happy, as it's usually the time Dane needs fed, Myles and Elliott are hungry, too. Myles has school work to do and Elliott is bored from being home with me all day (or restless because she still needs a nap, but refuses to take one).... it's the new Happy Hour, the time from 4-6 in the evening! Happy Hour when I was an early twenty something meant hangin out with friends for a drink or break from the day whatever it may be. Now,it's the time of day I dread most, so I'm labelling it the new Happy Hour so I'll have a more positive take to it! Maybe once Dane is done nursing, and I don't have to carefully watch my food/drink intake, I'll add wine to this time of day as a treat for myself (Hey, Dr. Oz says people who drink a glass or two of wine a day outlive those who don't!!!). It is the time of day I am most needed with each child and the time of I day I need to pick up and cook dinner! So if any of you have suggestions on how you make this time of you day more pleasant, I would love to hear them! I am learning that if I give each child something to do, it makes the time less stressful, so I want to share these photos I snapped the other day of our new Happy Hour! As you can see, Myles is attending to Dane, Elliott is doing dishes (which she's actually pretty good), and Myles captured a photo of me cooking dinner!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Kit Club

This months kit club was too much fun to create, I just have to share!!! Also, I wanted everyone to get a feel for what is included in your kit! It is by far the best value I can offer! You get tons of product and you have so much opportunity within each package! The layouts using the more colorful patterns (pink, yellow, green,etc) is the Seasonal option, which if you are still interested kits are still available. And the layout with the blackish brown, cream, green is the Funky (which is sold out, but enough of you are interested, I can do a reorder). Let me know if you are interested or you can order through my online store .

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Child Labor Laws

Does this violate child labor laws.... the other day I really needed to do some cleaning (thanks to my mother, I know have Dawn dishsoap, broom, mop and bucket, so I now have no excuese for not cleaning. While getting the soapy water ready, I holler to Elliott and I hand her the mop and let her mop the kitchen floor... she was eager to help and loved every minute of it! So, my questions is just how young is too young to start chores.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Photos

Easter Weekend

As a NEW family of 5, we made our first weekend trip to Fort Wayne and survived!!! A little more sleep deprived, but not too bad considering sleeping in different beds and different schedules! Acutally, Dane did really good. Of course now we will have to break him of being cuddled and held all day!!! If only we could bring family home with us, so he could get held all day! Or if we didn't have anything else to do, like cleaning, cooking, playing with the other kids, then we could hold the baby all day!!! As for the othery kiddos they sure had a great time hunting for eggs...Myles and Elliott both had such determination and speed while looking for the eggs. What is funny, they were the only two in the hunt (Shelby had a great time helping Elliott find eggs). I am amazed because Myles is such a laid back kid who barely shows interest in active sports - yet, he LOVED running from egg to egg! It was so great to be able to spend time with family - I know the kids sure love going to grandma's in Fort Wayne! And it was even better that my husband actaully had the time off (for the past several years he's always worked at least one weekend day, but for the last couple months he has had weekends off , and I haven't had to work either, which allows us to do such fun things).

Friday, April 10, 2009


I got this 'title' from my husband who was listening to a National Public Radio segment about stay at home moms who create their own business.... they called the mothers 'mamma'paneurs instead of Entrepenuers!!! So funny! I see the scrapbook page in my head now!!!! I am so thrilled to be able to say I have a business (thanks to the many of you who have provided support verbally and through your continuous orders!!!). Today, I had my 7-yr-old take my photo just to document my dedication to my business and you! I just finished these layouts the other day and couldn't wait to get them cut and stuffed into bags! I can't even begin to tell each and everyone of you thank you so much for you continued loyal support... enjoy these photos.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Special Visitor

Okay, so grandpa visits often, don't get me wrong, his visits are always special... but today was a special treat... it was midweek (Wednesday) and grandpa stopped by just in time for some love from Elliott and Dane! He happened to be in Indy for a dr's visit. And he even made time for some jumping on the trampoline! What a great afternoon treat for Elliott! And I was thrilled to have an hour of relief!!! at least from Elliott!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Life is Good!

I have a baby that sleeps in long four hour periods at night... the kids are adjusting to life with a new baby with very little to no misbehaviors... and I feel great, so life is good (for the moment!). And thanks to the help of family.... I was able to get some time for scrapbooking! Yeah! This means new stuff for you guys! Myles and Elliott were at Grandma Taylors in Fort Wayne for a few days last week (it was spring break) and then Grandma Mathews came up on Friday to help with the baby and housework. So I felt relaxed and had the energy to do some scrappin! I posted five new layouts and even put some older kits on sale! Happy Shopping! Also, don't forget to order your Kit Club for April - for a sneak peek of the kits contents, check them out in the online store..... they are packed full of goodies. The cost is only $30 and you will get 12 pattern papers, 10 sheets coordinating cardstock, chipboard letters, embellishments and MORE!!! The best part is that you will get the instructions to complete at least three layouts, card and project. Below you'll see a few new layouts I just posted.

You will find both layouts at in the online store in the What's New category!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Marathon Day!

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers for baby Dane! He is doing so well... and actually he just went to the dr. yesterday and everything tested fine (so no more monitors). So, it seems he just needed a few more days to grow and mature those crazy insides of his. He is now over two weeks old and is making quite the adjustment into his new welcoming family! Today was a great day for all of us! We had friends over in the morning to play - finally someone to see Elliott and just Elliott! The afternoon found us making chocolate chip cookies and doing crafts! I just love how the Cricut can be dually used for scrapbooking and projects for the kiddos! And this evening we enjoyed some outside time. Today felt like a marathon day! It gave the the courage to say 'I can do this.' Oh and Dane cooperated for bath and this absolutely angelic photo! Bathtime was such a joy as I had two little helpers (Myles and Elliott) who eagerly wanted to splash and play with Dane in the tub! Luckily they didn't try to get in with him. It's tough to try and explain Dane has to grow a bit more to become interested in playing like that! But they were both excellent to help fetch was cloths and extra towels. Myles and Elliott are so happy to have their new baby brother home... they seem to be adjusting rather well.