Saturday, September 26, 2009

ScrapPink Celebration

Several weeks ago, I had a cropper ask me if I were hosting a Crop for the cure, and since Cord didn't host a ScrapPink, I decdied to do so. So Saturday, September 26 was the event. There were twelve croppers (not as many as I'd liked, but then again it is a busy time of year for people), and each one wearing pink in support of such a great cause, the Susan G. Komen foundation for Breast Cancer research. The day was filled with laughter, conversations, and lots of scrapbooking! I actaully got a few pages done myself! We enjoyed McAlisters Deli loaded baked potatoes for dinner, and they donated sweet tea (and unsweet, too) for the dinner! Such a great restaurant! We had a 'sketch challenge' and a 'clever use of something given to you' and at the end of the evening we took a tally for the winners, and Cherie was was the winner of 'clever use of something given to you.' She used one of the arrows given to her in her ScrapPink Goodie bag! And at the end of the day, with a portion of the crop fees and sales, I graciously have a check for $300 to send for a donation! Thank you to all the ladies who came and made this what it was, a great crop for a great cause!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A new 'Myles'stone

Second tooth

First tooth
Wow, finally have weeks of being wiggly and loose, Myles reached another milestone in his tiny life, he lost his first tooth! For the last few days it's been haning in there by a thread... and finally it came out! Myles was so excited (probably because he's the only second grader that hadn't lost any teeth yet). I don't think he could of smiled any bigger! That night the tooth fairy came, and in the morning Elliott was just as amazed as Myles to find the money under the pillow. Then Elliott stated all morning 'the tooth fairy is not real.' As if to reassure her people don't come into her room at night. Which I am sure this thought is a little much for Elliott! So the next day, Myles lost his second tooth. The tooth fairy (aka Seth) left a not under the pillow with the money saying 'p.s. tell Elliott I am real' and that really freaked her out! Myles again, was just as thrilled losing the second as the first! Now he has a gap on the bottom and has a tiny lisp when he talks! He keeps pretending to talk like Sid the Sloth of the Ice Age, so funny.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 'Ready to Assemble' Kit

I'm so thrilled to share these kits with you!!! This is the September's 'Ready to Assemble' kit! You will get all the supplies and instructions to complete these three layouts! Title are even included! The pattern papers are from the BRAND NEW Little Yellow Bicycle Autumn Bliss collection! Cost is $25.00. Order yours today at, or you can pick one up this weekend at the Jameson Inn in Carmel during the Friday night or Saturday day crop!

Or maybe you enjoy coming up with your own designs! Then try the September 'No Frills' kit. Inside this kit you'll get six double-sided pattern paper and six pieces of cardstock (2 sheets of 3 colors). You also get three yards of coordinating ribbons. The cost is only $10.00.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Camping Trip

My husbands college friends have a yearly Labor Day camping trip, and this year they invited the whole family! And what fun did the kids have. I was a little hesitant with the cool nights and Dane, but Dane did GREAT!!!! He slept well, napped well and hung out happily as any almost-six-month-old could! Myles was in heaven at the creek beds (thank goodness for lack of rain). They had flat rocks and tons of fossils to be found! Him and Seth even found a waterfall in the 'explorations.' The campsite was part of an Ohio State Park, Heuston Woods. There were tons of trails, beach with swimming, playgrounds and more. Our campsite was at the bottom of a small hill in which the kids (and adults, too) enjoyed riding their scooters down! I handed the camera over to Myles (my budding photographer) so some of the shots are through his eyes. I think Santa will bring Myle his own camera this year for Christmas! Elliott had a great time at the playground... I pushed my germ fears aside and let her play in the gravel!!! In my mind I'm thinking 'please don't get sick, please don't get sick.' As for tent sleeping, everyone did great, despite the fact were were a family of 5 sleeping a two tents that should have (combined) only slept at most 3! Our big tent was loaned out to someone and we had to make due with what we had! I didn't want to invest in a new tent in the event camping didn't work out! Next time (which I'm sure will be next summer) we will have a larger tent and air mattresses!!!! I wish I had a photo of the tent... if you would have saw what we slept in you'd be amazed!! And you'd be rolling over with laughter. The good thing about the tight sleeping quarters, no one got cold!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily Dose of Elliott

I'm thinking I almost could start my own blog labelled 'Daily Dose of Elliott.' She is what everyone needs to put a simle on their face! Just this morning she was in the kitchen and yelled for me to come see the dog! And she so proudly and happily put a pink hat and pink bracelet on the dog! It was so funny and put an instant smile on her face and my face, too. She reminds you that it is truly only the simple, small things in life that are valuable!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Elliott's First Day of Preschool Photo shoot!

What a hoot it was this morning trying to get a good shot of Elliott before her fist day of Preschool! She gave me quite the show!!! I just had to share her poses with all of you! She's such an animated child! I bet she talked the ears off of the ladies at prechool! When I picked her up she shared her whole day with me right down to the boy next to her had a cough and his name was Collin and he was sick! (not ready for germs already, oh well)! But then again with these cool nights, I'm sure lots of peole are catching colds! Anyway, I got a double dose of peacefulness today.... which allows me to catch up a bit on my blog. Elliott was gone for four hours this morning at preschool, and then she came home and took a nap (and is still napping for almost 2 hours!). I did miss her incessant chatter all morning, but I did enjoy getting a few scrappin things done! I cannot wait to share the newest kit... soon! I get the joy of sending Elliott three days a week from 9-1, so I will have ample time to get caught up on all the 'to-do's' I've given myself! Something I aim to do is be better at writing to all of you! Please stay tuned for updates!!!