Friday, June 26, 2009

A Bad Day Turned Good

Kids have such a natural way to bring joy and happiness to parents! For example on this day, Seth came home so grumpy and out of sorts from his day at work. And we were playing in the driveway with cups and out water bucket. Seth pulled in the driveway and captured Seth and brought him into the water fight, too. And almost instantly Seth was happy and playful and throwing water back at the kiddos! After being drinched in his work clothes, he gave the kids big hugs and said thanks for washing away my bad day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Always willing to lend a hand...

Elliott is always there to lend a hand! Just like the photo above, she has to help wash Dane in the tub each and everytime he takes a bath! Yes, I could make my life simpler and give Dane a bath when she is sleeping or not home...but it makes her life so much richer and fulfilling to help me out in any way possible! Often times Elliott tells me Daney need a bath because he stinks, even though we both know she just wants to help me give him a bath! Elliott also helps with dishes, cooking, setting table, laundry and lots of other household tasks. What she doesn't help with is picking up her toys! Oh well... it's all about priorities!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Father's Day, Mother's Day, Grandparents Day.... so many days we have out of the year to celebrate the special people in our lives... and without a Father, who would have children! I am fortunate to have a wonderful father to my kiddos. The kids adore Seth so much, and you can see it in their eyes and expressions each and everyday Seth comes home from work! Everyday Elliott asks me 'is Daddy staying home today.' She looks forward to her Saturday morning cooking pancakes with Daddy day. Seth truly loves and adores his children, too. So much so, this past weekend he was home alone all day Saturday, and he said he missed the kids! He was ready to go get them first thing Sunday morning! He even made the comment about just how much he enjoys spending time with Myles! He is such a compassionate father, too. The way he coos at Dane and holds him tight (thankfully after two months Dane became connected with seth). He is not afraid of babies, diapers, cooking dinner, and most importantly laundry and cleaning. If it weren't for him I'd be up to my ears with dirty clothes, up to my knees in dirt, and out of my mind if it weren't for his ability to play with the kids. And there is not a gift, card, or words to express the gratitude and appreciate I have towards Seth as a father! Thank you to Seth for your hard work and dedication to myself and most importantly our family! We all love you dearly!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And to think it started out so fun...

Actually it started out as a fight who gets to ride first, and then it turned into fun, nad then it turned into two kids being sent to their rooms for time out! Then they got the great idea to ride together! And it was so cute watching them drive up and down the cul de sac. I even got them to pose for a crazy looking picture. And then I see Elliott standing up and Myles is pulling her pants down, and the both are giggling and singing. Oh, man they are just too much at times! The neighbors must get a kick out of me running down the road to get the kids attention whild holding Dane (he has this new found joy in being held wrapped in my arm facing outward, so the whole time I'm running he's just dangling in my arms). After I caught up with the kids and told they were in time outs, they both cried all the way home. Luckily, I don't think many of our neighbors are home during the day! Other than this tiny incident, it has been a great summer vactaion so far!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

And to think, this is my 'Shy' kid!

The kids enjoy watching Seth and I play rock band! And they are becoming more invovled in singing and playing some of the instruments! It is such a great family activity, one everyone can enjoy! Yesterday, I heard Myles singing, and I was upstairs and missed the opportunity to video it. So today, I made it my goal to get the singing on video. Myles is my shy kid, and he really impressed me with his ability to sing and follow the words on the screen.... karoke bars watch out when Myles turns 21, he's going to be tearing up the stage! I hope this song (which is Spongebob downloaded from the Wii online for Rockband 2) and Myles singing puts a smile on my face, it sure does mine!
Copy and paste this link to view the video on Youtube... it was too large to upload to my blog.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back to Scrappin!

June Seasonal Kit, cost $30.00.

June Funky Kit, cost $30.00.

Wow, was it great to get home to some fun scrapbooking papers! It took everything I had to NOT bring this stuff with me on vacation. I've been told I'm not allowed to bring anything scrapbook related on trips with me! Oh well, I guess that's what weekend retreats are for, unlimited scrapbooking time!
So yesterday I put together June's kits, and love the turn out. With the funky series you get three two page layouts, eight notecards, and a recipe book w/20 recipe cards inside. For the June seasonal, you get three two page layouts, eight cards, and a photo book. Both are fun, fresh and full of wonderful colors and patterns. You can place your order in the online store at .