Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby may come sooner than expected....

Yes, that's right. After having three days of regular contractions (and a few painful ones) I made a trip to the doctor Friday afternoon. And yes, things are beginning to pick up... so much so that they actually put me on medicine (I have to remember to take every 6 hours) to slow down or stop the contractions. The contractions have slowed down, and aren't as painful, so the medicine is working! My doctor wants me to hold out until I am 36 weeks - which thankfully is Monday.

What does this mean for project scrapbook.... unfortunately I did cancel the crop that was today. I'm advised to take it easy! The March 14th crop is still on!! Yeah for Vicki! She will be my crop hostess that day! I have every intention of being there, however, should something come up and I can't at least the crop will go on!!!!

And no worries on existing kits, you may not see any new postings in the next few days depending on how my visit on Monday goes at the doctor. Do know, however, orders placed will be available to pick up on March 14th regardless if I am there or not! So, for those of you who signed up for the kit club, will for sure get your kits! You will LOVE what is packed inside for you!

Of course, the baby could wait and make its debut at the end of March and all this is just the preparation for birth - I don't know if I can take the emotional roller coaster for four more weeks of 'is this the real thing or am I imagining/wishing I'm in labor?' Stay tuned for more updates (and hopefully announcements)!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kit Club Sneak Peak

I am so thrilled to have the fabulous product in my hands!!!! It is so vibrant, colorful and so full of many, many opportunities! I cannot wait to start putting layouts together and send these kits off to you!!!! March is the very first Kit Club for Project Scrapbook, each month kit contents will vary. For March your options are the SEI Mimosa for Funky or SEI Bridgeport for Seasonal. Your kit will include at least 8 sheets of cardstock, letter stickers, 12 pattern papers, 4 yards of ribbon, packet of chipboard shapes and more! You will also get instructions and sketches for at least 3 two-page layouts, card and another project!! You may sign up in my online store at . Kits will be ready to ship March 15 or you can pick them up at the day crop on March 14th at the Jameson Inn in Carmel.

Myles Yearly Newsletter!!!

Each year around my kids birthday, I create a newsletter that shares some photos and insight to their young live's! It is such a joy to read and reread them each year - now that this is the seventh on for Myles! I hope you enjoy. Click on the image to enlarge it, so you can actually read it!

More new stuff!!!!

This past Friday I had a group of ladies come to my house for a class! It was so aweseme, I felt truly inspired to create great layouts.... I enjoyed two of the three so much, I had to create another round to offer on my website!!! Check them out... they are both made with My Minds Eye coordinating pattern papers. The orange and green layout you get an entire set of chipboard alphabet letters (31 total letters) and you can create your own title so you don't have to limit yourself to Spring! The pink and blue patterns you get a set of chipboard embellishements (the brackets are on the layout, but you'll have extras to use!). Place your order today at .

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

NEW Stuff!!!!

After last weekend I told myself I wasn't going to do anything scrapbooking related.... that was until I realized just how many layouts I had sold out of!!! So I decided, it was time to get busy! I finished up the Seasonal Bundle and created four or five new layouts!!! If you are looking for a quick way to get caught up on past years or get a head start on this year, then this kit is for you! It is a bundle of six two-page layouts (so you get 12 pages total). The themes/titles are Merry Christmas, Brrr..., Valentine, Spring, Eeaster, and Halloween! And the best part is..... the cost is only $40! Check out additional layouts at !

Looking (and feelling) Oh So Pregnant!!!

Okay, so when you get this far along, it is typical to feel very pregnant... aches and pains begin, anxiety set in, aniticipation is all around for everyone! Many times throughout the day I don't necessarily feel pregnant (however, when it comes to putting on shoes and socks, I feel very pregnant). For sure I don't realize just how pregnant I look until I saw this photo taken by my mom this past weekend!!! I now realize why everyone says comments like 'looks like your getting ready to pop' or 'due any day now?' or my favorite is 'are you sure there's only one in there?' Sure I look in every mirror I pass, but it doesn't quite show just how big my belly really is like in the picture!
The constant movements keeping me up at night and waking me up in the morning are making me a little nervous! I think this baby is going to be a night owl! What am I do do with sleepless nights!! My four-year-old for sure won't let me sleep during the day! Let's just hope I can keep my sanity! I am a bit nervous about this addition, I'm sure things will be fine. I do have two other kids that are older and should be able to help (Elliott may try to help too much, but that's okay).
The reality of the baby is coming closer and closer as we are getting things together, sorting clothes, purchasing the big baby items (since of course we have gotten rid of EVERYTHING from the previous two) like the car seat and crib! We plan to tour the hospital this week so we know where we are going! The other two were born at St Vincent and St Vincent Women's, and this one will be at St Francis.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eat, Sleep Scrapbook, Eat Sleep, Scrapbook....

Okay, you get the picture now! This past weekend was Camp Scrapbook, and that's pretty much what we all did was Eat, Sleep and Scrapbook. And those ladies who were up until the wee hours of the morning also did lots of laughing!!!! I just want to say thank you so much to all of the ladies who came.... it was such a pleasure being around fifteen energetic, enthusiastic scrappers! The mood in the air was so positive and uplifting it makes me wish I could do this once a month!!!!

The weekend was full of goodies! On the tables were Scrappers Aid Kits with band aids, lotions, nail files, hand wipes and more! Each lady had their own goodie bag filled with various scrapbook items! Inside their bag was a booklet of games and sketches to help inspire them throughout the weekend! It was so great to see everyone utilizing the sketches and supplies given to them! Also, there were three extra special give aways for extra special games - Sketch This (where I gave them a sketch and they created a layout with that sketch), Make the Most of it (where I gave them assorted coordinating scraps and they had to create a layout, project, or card), and Most LO's created! Yee Yee won for the Sketch Challenge, Sally won with her paper basket for Make the most of it, and Krista won for completing the most pages 'a whopping 47, yes, that's right 47 pages!'

This time I provided an on site store with various adhesives, cardstock, letter stickers, albums and of course page kits!!! And each person had ample opportunities for make n takes (layouts, card, mini album, and gift bag). Many commented on how inspired they were all weekend long! And for the tired moments, they enjoyed the kits and make n takes for mindless work! So glad I could help!

Again, I want to say just how much fun I had this past weekend and thank you to all who came! Also, for those who came in to pick up kits, it was a pleasure seeing all of you! I look forward to seeing you all again very soon! Look for information for the one coming up in October!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's Happening this month....

So many things are going on this month, and I'm so excited to be so busy with Project Scrapbook (besides the fact I'm on somewhat strict orders from my doctor to take it easy, so I'll do my best to remain somewhat low key - it's a good thing scrapbooking is relaxing) !!! Things are really picking up, and I am super thrilled. Oh, and I have five ladies signed up for scrapbooking class at the end of the month in my home! I do look forward to teaching a class again. I enjoy creating kits, but I do miss the interaction of a class!
January was a fantastic month, I sold out of several kits, and that is just AWESOME (and even had orders to remake a few)!!!! I had a fantastic crop at the beginning of the month, and at the end of the month it was great to see familiar faces at Cord Camera's crop, too! I am so looking forward the three events scheduled for February.... the first being Camp Scrapbook Weekend Retreat this Friday-Sunday! I am so lucky to be with 15 other ladies who are just as enthusiastic and dedicated to scrapbooking as I am! And then I have two other day crops scheduled - February 21st in Carmel and February 28th on the Southside (Southport/I65). FYI: There are still seats available at each crop if you care to join us!
This month do look for new kits.... one that is on my desk right now is Through the Seasons. This will be a bundle of kits (at least five two-page layouts) that showcase the seasons throughout the year! And it will be an economical solution to help you get caught up (or ahead) on your holiday scrapbooking! Also, a baby series of kits showcasing layouts throughout babies first year (with 7 weeks to go till baby #3 due, I got baby on my mind). And I've got a touch of Spring Fever (even though that darn groundhog said six more weeks of winter), so look for some Spring themed items as well! I'm also pondering thoughts on creating my Monthly Kit Club.... I have so many ideas, I just don't know what to do! So if any of you are interested in a Kit Club let me know what concepts you are interested in - I hope to launch something in March!