Thursday, May 27, 2010

The kiddos just don't get any better than this! It's amazing just how wonderful these kids are! You'd think after nearly two weeks of being away from home they'd be bored, fighting, or just in general cranky. I can't say they are angels 24/7, however, they are playing so well toegether. They have their own little games and such that entertain them. Also this week (a first) their have been several other people at the Kona Beach Club. Their are a couple kids Myles and Elliott have enjoyed playing with. One is a little girl a year older than Myles, and it's so funny they play together and leave Elliott out of their games (not necessarily on purpose, it just happens that way). Usuallly when we stay at the Kona, we are the only family in the pool, so this week we shared with at least four or five other families! The nice thing is we have a ton of water toys to share with everyone! We bring water floats, squirt guns, other fun water toys like diving rings, goggles and more. Today we enjoyed the pool and beach and then for dinner we headed to Nervous Nellies. This restaurant overlooks the harbor which is full of boats and such. Their were peirs weaving in and out of boat docks! We enjoyed good food and each other! We then made it home for a night swim! I can't believe this is the first one of the two weeks. The kids enjoy swimming after the sun goes down since it means they do not have to apply sunscreen. By this time of the week we've gone through at least six or seven containers of sunscreen. So needless to say, they've had an application or two!

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