Sunday, June 5, 2011

On Vacation!

Here we go again, adventuring the 17 hours (over 1,000) mile trek to Fort Myers Beach. Grandpa's Suburban loaded with kayak on top, enough pool toys for ten kids, beach towels, bathing suits, and the seven of us (our five plus grandma and grandpa Mathews). We leved Thursday middle of the night as soon as Seth arrived home from work. Seth took off driving the first part while the rest of us slept. Then in early a.m. grandpa took over driving! The kiddos slept until around 8 a.m.... and then woke up ready for the anual stop at McDonald's for the big breakfast! Myles just made a comment a week or so ago about how much he looked forward to waking up in the car and eating breakfast at McD's. It's truly the small things like this that make the car ride so easy-going for the kids. Dane was a fantastic car rider. I thought for sure he'd be tearful and misearble the entire trip. However, he slept and was cooperative (we'll see how this compares to the ride home!). Myles and Elliott enjoyed the movies, Nintendo DSi's, coloring books, markers, and snacks! We arrived to Fort Myers just shy of happy hour! We unpacked what little things we needed for the night and morning, then headed out for dinner to the Upper Deck. This place had a great view of the marinas and boats, live music, and yummy pizza. After this we picked up a few drinks and sat out front our hotel looking forward the week ahead. Saturday morning we played around the hotel (Pierside) in the pool and beach. We then went down to our condo for the week (Kona Beach Club). We unloaded our stuff! The kids played at the pool and then the sand and then the pool. Dane isn't so sure about the pool. He won't get in quite yet. He does enjoy the ocean. Myles and Elliott are little fish jumping in nad out and in and out.

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