Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to my Life!

So, you want to become familiar with me and my family, well here is your chance! I will take this opportunity to provide various updates on fun family stuff as well as provide scrapbooking updates!

Let's first begin with the launch of my new website, . I know it is a name change, however, eventually both names will point to the same website! In order to get this one up without interfering with the current one, I had to change the name, so if you have my site bookmarked, please change it ! Sorry for any confusion!

I am extremely thrilled with the success I've had so far with starting a new business!! My last crop was full, and my next crop in February is full, and the crop on February 21st is over half full!! And I've enjoyed creating new kits and look forward to having new stuff arrive later this week so I can create more kits!!

As for personal, I am 28 weeks pregnant this week! Yeah for me, this means I've entered the last trimester and the time is coming soon for this little guy to make his presence into this world! The kiddos are getting anxious, too. Myles and Elliott are both starting to wonder just how is the baby going to come out! They ask questions, like, is the doctor going to cut your belly and pull the baby out? It's so neat to see their expressions as they are asking these questions. And Seth is still in denial, he says it's just a little extra weight I've been putting on, and all the new baby clothes around the house still doesn't make it real!! What can I say, he's a procrastinater!

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