Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Myles has referred to this day as the best Christmas ever. And I honestly think it's because he got to play video games all day. And truthfully he hasn't been playing too many games on his new NIntendo DSi as much as he has been doodling on the little game system. Elliott has had a great day, too. Myles has so nicely shared his new toy with her. Elliott could share her new toys, however, Myles isn't into Barbies! I have enjoyed watching the children play and play and play some more. It's amazing how well they both shared, played, and were angleic children all day! Dane of course was on stimulation overload between the wrapping paper and all the platic ties. Santa was smart this year and untied all his gifts, so they could immediately be chewed on and played with! Now, maybe next year Santa will untwist and cut all the packaging on Barbie stuff! Elliott was so thrilled wither her 'Nuggie' known to everyone else as Snuggie, yes, you've seen the commercials. My five-year-old is a marekting departments dream child, as she descirbed to me the 'nuggie' that she had seen on a commercial! And she told me this two days after I had already got her one.... it was too funny! For Elliott, each morning she wakes up and heads down to the couch and cuddles up in a blanket. And that is why she wanted one. So when she opend her 'nuggie' she was so happy. Seth was thrilled with his Christmas, too. Santa brought him (and the kids)their own laptop computer. Who would of thought you would need two computers for one family. Seth also got a new game for Wii and a Levi jean jacket. Seth so dearly got me a pair of Ugg boots, man the warmth and comfort is amazing. Elliotts list of presents includes barbie items (tattoo Barbie, shampoo Barbie, and Bicycle Barbie), Bitty Baby stuff, American Girl doll bed, Snuggie, and that's about it. Myles got the Dsi and a few games. Which h e really didn't need the games once he found out you could doodle. And I got boots! Everyone was happy. What a wonderful time of year!

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