Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I guess I should pay more attention! Dane was at my feet, and I was talking with a friend. Not thinking too much of him getting into anything! Thank goodness Elliott was watching him, and took the marker out of his hand otherwise, who knows where it would of ended up! My friend, Vicki, looked down and Dane and said Oh My Goodness, what is on his face! Oh it was funny, he was just smiling big time! And my dear, Elliott, was such a big helper and took the marker out of his hand and gave it to me! This is my eye opener that I need to be a bit more alert with Dane and his surroundings. No more letting him down around my scrapbook desk. None of the other kids were hand-to-mouth babies. Dane, however, puts EVERYTHING in his mouth! Oh well... Vicki said it would be a great picture, so of course I had to snap a few! Dont you just love those big eyes and inquisitive look!

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