Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's all about the presentation

While I was looking forward to returning from vacation, there are some things I am not thrilled about returning to, and that is cooking EVERY day. My dad did most the cooking on vacation, he did a great job! And for that I was spoiled! Now back at home, it's back to cooking. And there are few things that make it fun and easy. Like for tonights dinner I used tortillas and made mini taco bowls. The kids find things like this unique, and I find it food tastes better when the presentation is better! What's funny about this (I should of taken a photo of this, too) is how Elliott prepares here food! She has a special place for everything and often times she hads a 'ta da' to the plop of the spoon, and she always looks at her plate with happiness after she has placed everything. So, I must say again, it's all about presentation!

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