Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

December was filled with holiday cheer as the kids anticipated the arrival of good ole St. Nick! What's funny, is they enjoy the though of Santa Clause, however, they don't dare sit on his lap or even write him a letter stating what they want! Actually, Elliott did write a letter to Santa at school, and the teacher mailed it off. So in Elliott's mind, she already wrote her letter!

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Mathews. The kids loved their presents. Myles got a huge lego Harry Potter castle set and Elliott go her very own pink Nintendo DSI! And of course I was spoiled, again, by my mother! She's so sweet and gave Seth and I each an envelope with some money. This will sure be spent well towards the new house! Dane got a neat toy he can place is cars on and they go around in circles. Elliott also loved her chocolate in her stocking. Myles got his very ow art bin filled with his very own markers, crayons and pencils.

Christmas Day was great, too. The kids awoke at a whopping 8:00 am. I remember as a kid waking up at the wee hours of 4am! Dane was entranced immediately with his Train Table, he ripped off the paper and didn't move the entire time. Santa worried for nothing about the fact Dane only had one gift to unwrap.... it didn't seem to bother Dane one bit! Myles and Elliott hurriedly opened their presents with joys, screams and excitement! Seth surprised me (with shopping on Christmas Eve Eve) a fancy wine opener and some socks. Santa brought Seth some new aftershave and jeans.

Christmas afternoon we headed to Ft WAyne for a little holiday surprise for Kathy (we showed up a day early). We spent the evening at the Taylor household in Fort Wayne and had Christmas with Seth's family on Sunday! We got a garage door opener, yeah! Myles was super thrilled with his Harry Potter Wii game and Elliott enjoyed her clothes and trinkets! Dane got a super cool Little People winding thing he can put his cars down and they go around in circles! Dane really enjoys playing with cars.

Sunday night my prayers came true... Grandma Taylor decided to come home with us for the week. With closing on December 29th and only about three boxes packed, I was a little frazzled! Grandma Taylor does so well with the kiddos, she cooks, she cleans, and shge entertained the kids so I can get some boxes packed. I am sure thankful she gave up her week to spend with us!

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