Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December 2010

Taylor Sledding Event!

Where to begin on this month. Well, let's start with putting up the tree. Wow, what an acitivty. It was a true family event! EAch and every person enjoyed hanging up the lights, ornaments, garland and a few extras! Of course the tree didn't stay pretty for very long! Dane enjoyed taking them off all the way up until he could reach. No sense in putting the stuff back on, he would simply pull off again. And after the fourth time the tree fell over, the ribbons and garland came off! This month was extremely special for all of us, we had a wonderful holiday celebration with each of our familes. The kids ended a fantastic semester of school! Elliott is making wonderful progress learning her letters and numbers! Myles of course simply enjoys recess! He does pretty well in school. It is so awesome to have a child that truly 'get's it!' Myles is able to think rationally and draw his own conclusions! The end of the month was fantastic as we approached our closing on our new home... will have an entire post of it's own! Enjoy Decembers photos!

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