Sunday, February 15, 2009

Looking (and feelling) Oh So Pregnant!!!

Okay, so when you get this far along, it is typical to feel very pregnant... aches and pains begin, anxiety set in, aniticipation is all around for everyone! Many times throughout the day I don't necessarily feel pregnant (however, when it comes to putting on shoes and socks, I feel very pregnant). For sure I don't realize just how pregnant I look until I saw this photo taken by my mom this past weekend!!! I now realize why everyone says comments like 'looks like your getting ready to pop' or 'due any day now?' or my favorite is 'are you sure there's only one in there?' Sure I look in every mirror I pass, but it doesn't quite show just how big my belly really is like in the picture!
The constant movements keeping me up at night and waking me up in the morning are making me a little nervous! I think this baby is going to be a night owl! What am I do do with sleepless nights!! My four-year-old for sure won't let me sleep during the day! Let's just hope I can keep my sanity! I am a bit nervous about this addition, I'm sure things will be fine. I do have two other kids that are older and should be able to help (Elliott may try to help too much, but that's okay).
The reality of the baby is coming closer and closer as we are getting things together, sorting clothes, purchasing the big baby items (since of course we have gotten rid of EVERYTHING from the previous two) like the car seat and crib! We plan to tour the hospital this week so we know where we are going! The other two were born at St Vincent and St Vincent Women's, and this one will be at St Francis.

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  1. Kristy, Precious!! You look beautiful. You are so organized this little one will feel so comfortable. I am amazed at how you are able to do all you do, I see you don't plan to slow down much with all the new crop dates & monthly kits. Hats off to you!