Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby may come sooner than expected....

Yes, that's right. After having three days of regular contractions (and a few painful ones) I made a trip to the doctor Friday afternoon. And yes, things are beginning to pick up... so much so that they actually put me on medicine (I have to remember to take every 6 hours) to slow down or stop the contractions. The contractions have slowed down, and aren't as painful, so the medicine is working! My doctor wants me to hold out until I am 36 weeks - which thankfully is Monday.

What does this mean for project scrapbook.... unfortunately I did cancel the crop that was today. I'm advised to take it easy! The March 14th crop is still on!! Yeah for Vicki! She will be my crop hostess that day! I have every intention of being there, however, should something come up and I can't at least the crop will go on!!!!

And no worries on existing kits, you may not see any new postings in the next few days depending on how my visit on Monday goes at the doctor. Do know, however, orders placed will be available to pick up on March 14th regardless if I am there or not! So, for those of you who signed up for the kit club, will for sure get your kits! You will LOVE what is packed inside for you!

Of course, the baby could wait and make its debut at the end of March and all this is just the preparation for birth - I don't know if I can take the emotional roller coaster for four more weeks of 'is this the real thing or am I imagining/wishing I'm in labor?' Stay tuned for more updates (and hopefully announcements)!

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