Thursday, April 23, 2009

The New Happy Hour

I can't say it's always happy, as it's usually the time Dane needs fed, Myles and Elliott are hungry, too. Myles has school work to do and Elliott is bored from being home with me all day (or restless because she still needs a nap, but refuses to take one).... it's the new Happy Hour, the time from 4-6 in the evening! Happy Hour when I was an early twenty something meant hangin out with friends for a drink or break from the day whatever it may be. Now,it's the time of day I dread most, so I'm labelling it the new Happy Hour so I'll have a more positive take to it! Maybe once Dane is done nursing, and I don't have to carefully watch my food/drink intake, I'll add wine to this time of day as a treat for myself (Hey, Dr. Oz says people who drink a glass or two of wine a day outlive those who don't!!!). It is the time of day I am most needed with each child and the time of I day I need to pick up and cook dinner! So if any of you have suggestions on how you make this time of you day more pleasant, I would love to hear them! I am learning that if I give each child something to do, it makes the time less stressful, so I want to share these photos I snapped the other day of our new Happy Hour! As you can see, Myles is attending to Dane, Elliott is doing dishes (which she's actually pretty good), and Myles captured a photo of me cooking dinner!


  1. Everyone looks pretty "happy" to me!

  2. You are too funny.....only Kristy could turn something stressful into something FUN!!! You ar so patient and positive!!! YEARS the olden days when I nursed my Kelly!! ....a small glass of wine was O.K. Check with Oprah and Dr. Oz to see if it still is !!! Perhaps not.....wellness has come a long way in 34 years !!!