Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Marathon Day!

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers for baby Dane! He is doing so well... and actually he just went to the dr. yesterday and everything tested fine (so no more monitors). So, it seems he just needed a few more days to grow and mature those crazy insides of his. He is now over two weeks old and is making quite the adjustment into his new welcoming family! Today was a great day for all of us! We had friends over in the morning to play - finally someone to see Elliott and just Elliott! The afternoon found us making chocolate chip cookies and doing crafts! I just love how the Cricut can be dually used for scrapbooking and projects for the kiddos! And this evening we enjoyed some outside time. Today felt like a marathon day! It gave the the courage to say 'I can do this.' Oh and Dane cooperated for bath and this absolutely angelic photo! Bathtime was such a joy as I had two little helpers (Myles and Elliott) who eagerly wanted to splash and play with Dane in the tub! Luckily they didn't try to get in with him. It's tough to try and explain Dane has to grow a bit more to become interested in playing like that! But they were both excellent to help fetch was cloths and extra towels. Myles and Elliott are so happy to have their new baby brother home... they seem to be adjusting rather well.

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  1. so sweet, I can't believe that Carter was that size just a little more than six months time flies!!