Thursday, March 26, 2009

Everyone is doing GREAT!

Myles and Elliott are adjusting fine to the new addition. Actually, Myles was a little sad yesterday morning because the baby wasn't up in the morning to see him off to school. And he made a comment to Elliott that she is lucky because she gets to see the baby all day and he only gets to see him in the morning and evening after school. Elliott of course is all over the baby all day. So it's been quite a challenge teaching Elliott the etiquette of holding, touching, seeing, and playing with a new baby! She really likes to touch him and hold him! And Myles is starting to come around - at first he just wanted to see the baby, but now he wants to touch and talk to the baby. Last night Myles even read the baby a book. As for Dane his is so alert when he's awake, his eyes get so big and he just looks around! And thankfully he is staying on the NICU schedule so he's eating fairly regulary at every three hours (I guess one positive about being in NICU is bringing home a baby on a schedule, of course I know this can change at any moment). And he's a good eater. I remember bringing my other two home and having absolutely NO schedule, they'd eat every hour and at inconsistent times. We are just so happy to be home!

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  1. Kristy, I am so thrilled to hear that your little Dane is finally home!! Congratulations to all of you...he is absolutely beautiful!!