Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birch Run, Michigan Scrapbook Convention

Wow, what a weekend it was this past weekend... a few dear friends (thank you very much Vicki and Gina) and I headed up to Birch Run, MI to be vendors at a scrapbook convention! And, this was a first for all of us. Gina came along for moral support and happily manned the make n takes for us through the weekend. Vicki provided endless energy,awesome kits, and so much more! We ventured up north on Thursday, it was about a five hour drive, pretty easy driving thanks to my father's Suburban! You would have never known we had hundreds of pounds of paper and racks and more! We check into our hotel late, and then up early Friday morning to set up. None of us knew what the expect.... we were definitely anxious, nervous, excited and oh and maybe even a tad overwhelmed. However, once we got there, were were able to unload in a matter of minutes since we drove right up to our booth space! Set up took a few hours, putting together grids, hanging up kits, and setting up or spot! Then the shopper started coming and coming and coming! By the end of the night were were exhausted, and ready to sleep! We weren't thrilled with Friday's sales, so we regrouped and headed back Saturday! And much to our surprise, within one hour we had already reached Friday's sales, so we felt great about our day and enjoyed meeting new scrapbookers, conversing with croppers and enjoying the event! We offered several make n takes (cards, decorative jars, recipe books, layouts)! After Saturday's end, we decidced to head across the street to the big outlet mall and shop a little bit.... next time we will bring a car top carrier for all Gina's purchases! Ha, I hope you are reading this, Gina! Sunday brought us another day of shoppers and more scrapbooking fun. Overall it was a good show! A lot of work, but it was great to get away and experience the 'convention' atmosphere! Oh, and I must say, we had the suburban packed and ready to go in 1 hr, talk about hustling to 'get r done.' I can't wait to attend another show, Vicki and I chatted all the way home about all the things we could do next time, and Gina threw out some great ideas, too. I did, however, miss my baby and family! It was great to come home and see everyone again! Even though you'd think being baby-less, I would have slept through the night, no such luck! I did, however, get to eat warm meals without holding anyone!

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