Monday, November 2, 2009

Party Central

Okay, so four days straight of parties has sure worn me out.... the madness began on Thursday with Elliott's preschool Halloween Party. The kids were so cute in their dress up costumes!

Friday brought on Myles 2nd grade party. I must say I am truly impressed with the parent support for the party. I did send home 'handmade' invitations consisting of a print out with the party specifics tied to a piece of orange con strction paper (I'll upload a pic, soon). It was super simple, however, I try to make it stand out in their folder of stuff that gets sent home. And I got several bags of candy, and even a parent to donate the cupcakes! This was great! I provided a make your own pumpkin by covering a roll of toilet paper with tissue paper, and the kids seemed to love this. And we played pass the pumpkin! I had a some down time and started (on a whim) an add along story where I started a trick or treat story and each kid added a part (we went along with abc order). It was fun to hear what the kids came up with! And I was actually impressed with this 'on a whim' activity!

Now it's on to the Taylor Halloween Open house.... where I invited neighbors and some of the kids friends over for some Halloween Fun! The kids sure enjoyed themselves, and hopefully the adults enjoyed the goodies. Thanks to my friend Gina, I got some great Tastefully Simple Dips, and I cooked a Carmel Apple Crisp, Chocolate Chip Cheescake bars, ghoulish punch and more! I did manage to capture a few photos! And the best part about the party.... my husband did a deep clean. He said we can't have the neighbors over with our house looking like it did! We WERE head to toe with toes, but now we have a loft with lots of room to play and is clutter free! So excited about this! Of course, I don't have any photos of the yummy food, what was I thinking! And then trick or treating was great, a bit chilly, but fun. Thankfully Grandma and

Grandpa Mathews stuck around to watch baby Dane, so the rest of us could venture out! Myles was a skeleton and Elliott a 'wicked' witch! She loved hackling like a which! After a few streets Myles was done, and Elliott wanted MORE houses. I'm surprised Elliott wasn't tired since she ran from house to house!

(My husband was attempting to be Helio Castronevas, of course minus the correct racing shirt and knack for dancing! He did capture the look rather well).

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  1. Adorable pics! I'm glad that the Halloween craziness is over too, very fun yet very exhausting! Did you guys get a new puppy?