Friday, February 5, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

It's amazing, any book could tell you your actions speak louder than words, and Elliott is prime example of this! I see parts/actions of myself coming out in her each and every day - the good and the bad! And these photos are documented proof. Here is Elliott pretending to breastfeed her baby! I guess it'd only make sense that this is her idea on feeding babies, for the last ten and a half months, that is how I have fed Dane! So funny! She has it down to the last detail, notice the blanket on her shoulder, pausing to burp the baby. Way to cute! Of course, this is the 'good' trait Elliott has picked up from me! The not so good one's are the yelling to get the things she wants (when she does this, I often ask myself 'is this what I look like?' It's amazing just how much she sounds like me in her conversations, the tone she picks up, I also find it humorous that Elliott, in her play, attends crops with her friends, plays on her computer (which happens to be mine that broke weeks ago), asks her friends to come over and scrapbook!

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