Sunday, May 3, 2009

Croppin Fun!!!!

National Scrapbook Day is such a great way to celebrate the super fun hobby we all have and share! I am so thrilled to have shared this fantastic day with 28 fun, creative ladies!!! This was the largest group I've had so far (we spread out into two meeting rooms, yeah), and everyone was a delight to hang with for the weekend! The crop began Friday at 5 (some came earlier) and ended Saturday at 10pm. Several ladies attended both days, and some only one! I had the fabulous opportunity to meet several new people! Thank you to those scrappers who invited their friends! The social end of the hobby is one of the things I enjoy most! I love meeting knew people! I can't say I accomplished too much, but several ladies seemed happy with their accomplishments!!! I just had a great time providing food, make n takes, inspiration, and conversation! And surprisingly, baby Dane did pretty good with his first weekend of scrapbooking (he did crop with me last week, but that was only one day!). A special thanks to the ladies who wanted to hold him or stick his pacifier back in his mouth! Side note... care to hold a baby, come to the next crop, and Dane will be ready for you!

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