Sunday, May 24, 2009

It was an early morning for Dane and I …. He decided not too long after 4 am was his time to be wide awake!!! I tried to get him back to bad, no luck. So up we got! Grandpa was up, too, and ready for his morning walk! Everyone else woke up at a normal time (7am)! It didn’t take the kids too long to be ready for sunscreen and the first trip to the pool for the day! It is great that this year both Myles and Elliott make it easy for sunscreen applications! This was a short lived trip the kids got a bit cold swimming, the sun was not quite on the pool, yet. Back up to the condo we went. Another hour later, we tried it again, and much more pleasant! Not that it’s cold outside (it’s 80 something), the pool is just better in the sun!
Elliott is really enjoying swimming without her bubble… so much it can be a bit scary at times! Myles is just as good as ever, he loves to jump in and swim down to the bottom. He loves to wear his goggles and swim and swim! Lunchtime, we went in and Elliott was so worn out already, she said she wanted to take a nap! Perfect timing, Dane wanted fed and so did everyone else! Myles got to go on a treasure hunt to find where ‘X’ marks the spot.

Pirate Mommy buried the treasure and drew out a treasure map. Myles looked forward to the hung all morning (a little impatient at time), but well worth the wait! He dug up a pirate Lego set, a favorite for him. Once Elliott woke up, she got to go on her treasure hunt to dig up a Barbie Jeep…. It’s the little things that help make vacation fun! We did see a pirate boat trolling in front of the condo, Grandma offered to take Myles, but he was just not interested (probably made him a bit nervous. After naps and lunch, back down to the pool we went until it was time to pick up Daddy at the airport. Myles, Grandpa, and of course Dane and I headed to get Seth off the plane at 5:30. What a relief it was to bring him on with us! The extra hands will Dane will be utilized greatly, especially for those middle-of-the-night cranky moments! Back at the condo, when Daddy walked in Elliott started screaming ‘I love you, I love you!’ She was so thrilled to see Daddy and welcome him to the beach! Seth was probably thinking, why can’t my wife greet me this way! And straight to the pool they all went. The kids just couldn’t wait for Seth to come, but with it being race weekend, Seth couldn’t get weekend days off. We were able to find a oneway flight for less than $90.00, so that made it a win win for everyone! We opted to eat dinner in since they all wanted to swim with Daddy. After dinner we went down to the beach for some exploration of the sand and water. Myles dug up his own starfish – with no help from any adult.

Grandpa caught a 37inch snook in the water on his first cast of the evening.

Myles and Elliott got to enjoy icecream in the sand and then it was in for a movie and bedtime! What a great day at the beach!

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