Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another day in paradise!

Another great morning on the beach! The condo we stay in is on the third floor without an elevator, so it does make daily trips up a little challenging at times! However, the penthouse view is well worth all those trips. One of my favorite vacation things is to sit on the porch and enjoy a nice cup of coffee! The porch is huge (the size of a small dining room)! The ocean breeze is spectacular! And the view is beautiful! This morning was great to have Daddy to go out to the pool first thing. The kids were thrilled to have another person to play with, and Seth is so good at playing! He is great at entertaining them and playing at their level – simple things like splashing and water fights and water guns and of course jumping and diving into the pool!

Today, Elliott swam most the day without her bubble on, she does great swimming and this will help her to get strong enough to swim (safely) on her own all the time ‘just like her big brother,’ as Elliott would say! Dane hung out for a bit on the pool deck, and then Seth and him went in for a two hour nap. Grandpa thought they were so cute sleeping there, he took there photo. Seth says everytime he holds Dane, he instantly goes to sleep.

This is the first year, both Myles and Elliott enjoyed swimming in the ocean. Myles even said her prefered the ocean over the pool. I find that hard to beleive! And amazingly enough, Elliott got in the ocean, too. The kids stayed out most the morning, afternoon and evening. It’s truly amazing they don’t get sunburned, they have done a great job applying sunscreen! Evening time found us making the trek down to Times Square for happy hour. It was a hot walk down the beach, Elliott was so tired she needed shoulder rides (and we needed another stroller, one for her and one for Dane). But we made it to the park and then Wahoo Willies, a favorite for fish and chips.

The kids got their infamous pink lemonades and were thrilled. We thought we were going lose Elliott thru dinner, several times she nodded her head almost like she was going to go to sleep. With good reason, her and Myles played so hard all day swimming and building mud castles and running and then swimming and swimming and so on! We decided to give Elliott the stroller and carry Dane back to the condo, and it worked great! Walking back from dinner is always a treat with the beautiful sunsets (the best next to Key West) and cool breeze! Myles enjoys walking in the sand, it’s so nice to finally have a child who is strong enough and has the energy to walk down and back! Then it was back to the condo for movie and bedtime! The kids have barely watched a minute of TV, first vacation ever to not have the peel them away from Disney or Nickelodeon (I honestly don’t think we’ve watched either channel). And for me it was nice to hand Dane to Daddy and go to bed when I was ready.

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