Sunday, May 31, 2009

The End.

We stayed in Kennesa,Georgia Saturday night. We decided to leave super early, so it meant stopping about 3pm. It was a nice stop, they had an outdoor pool. We found a yummy El Rodeo for dinner, and comfy beds (the best all week since our condo beds were awful to sleep in)! Then it was up early again on Sunday. We finally made it back to our house early afternoon on Sunday. It was anotehr great trip for all parties! Dane did amazingly well, a bit more crankier than before, but no crying spells which is impressive for two days of travelling. And the kids did surprisingly well again, too. I thought maybe they'd be so tired, they'd be cranky. But with all the distractions in the car they were great. I actually think Myles enjoys the car rides. It is nice to be home, again.

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