Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Dane is such a handsome guy!

Saturday, March 21st. Dane is making such great progress, let's hope he stays on the upswing. He is not longer on the billy blanket (for jaundice). He was born at 6 lbs 12oz and went down to 6lbs 4oz, however, he is now over 6lbs 5 oz. He is eating well - better than either child of mine during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. The nurses have him (as they do all the other babies in the NICU) on a tight schedule where he eats every three hours - I so hope he stays on this schedule when he comes home! As for coming home, still up in the air. He has gone 24 hours without any 'episodes' or alarms. So that is a good thing! According to the nurses, they like to have them 'episode' free for 3-5 days! It is quite challenging juggling the back n forth between home and the hospital for feedings and quality time with Dane. I was thrilled today when I went and he was up for an entire hour!!! He was so alert and his eyes wide open - I ws a little bummend I had no one to share this moment with, so I got out my camera and snapped a quick little video, so it's almost like everyone was there with me! Enjoy! I must share this quick story, yesterday I shared a video with the kids of baby Dane, and Myles made the comment 'so he's not dead.' I was jaw dropping amazed at the comment. I never realized that this type of thought might be in him little head! I was so thankful to share the movie with the kids just for this reason, to share that he is a real being! Both kids were in complete awe of the movie with huge smiles on their faces and wide eyes looking at the video.

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  1. Dane is beautiful! I can't wait for more pics and to see him in person. I am so happy that he hasn't had an episode!

    Love to you all!