Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Myles

Or should I say, Happy Birthday to Daddy, Elliott and eventually me, too! Don't you just love the gifts that the whole family can enjoy!!!! And on this day, and probably every other bright, sunny day in the future this trampoline is a gift to be enjoyed by all! Let's just hope that no major accidents incur as a result of this gift!!! A couple weeks ago, my mother and I were going over ideas on what to get Myles. And of course, if you ask him all he wants is legos.... however, my fingers are still sore from all the lego building at Christmas. I said, lets get him something he can do outside, and we opted for a trampoline (which was always a fave of mine as a child, even though I never had one until I was actually a teen ager in which I bought it myself with my own money!). Myles was in heaven! And today was the perfect day for such a great gift. It is not often that at Myles birthday party you get the opportunity to play outside. And today with the 60+ temps and bright sun, it was the PERFECT day to be outside! This afternoon was Myles birthday, which was themed Movie Matinee! Needless to say, with the new trampoline and sunny skies, only half the movie (and five bags of popcorn) were consumed! It was so great to have six boys (and Elliott tagging along and trying to keep up) enjoying the outdoors, playing, and having a super time together! I must say being nine months pregnant and trying to keep up with all the kids was pretty exhausting, but well worth it!
As for the photo above, that is my dear husband and Myles. I think my husband was the most thrilled out of everyone about this gift! It's the one large item he has put together that he didn't complain or procrastinate through the entire set up. T hat is because he knew he would get to enjoy the outcome!

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