Friday, March 20, 2009

I guess it's time to be realistic...

It may be next week before baby gets to come home... as sad as it makes me it's truly what is best for baby. They now say his irregular breathing is signs of immaturity... so luckily he'll grow out of hit. But unlucky for us, he still needs to be in the NICU. And when he is fortunate enough to come home, they will send us home with a monitor. And we did get some quality time today with the eyes open and lots of snuggling. Actually I have been with him a full 24 hrs now, and it's been great. However, there are the other two hooligans at home that miss me and I miss them! Thankfully my parents have been a tremendous help and Seth has been with me quite a bit at the hospital. He's eating like a champ, so I can relax a little bit. The nurses now have a freezer full of milk supply for Dane in case I miss a feeding! Let's just hope that each day Dane gets stronger in his breathing patterns and will get to come early next week (this weekend by pure miracle).

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