Thursday, March 19, 2009

Isn't he adorable.....

Yesterday for us was like an episode of Bill Murray's Groundhogs Day where you feel like you are repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again! We made several trips to the hospital yesterday so I could feed Dane, which seemed to work out very nicely! Of course I let Seth sleep through the night and not ferry me back and forth all night! Seth did such a great job entertaining the other two kids so I could see the baby. He took them to the park and Meijer and drives around the parking lot!!! Thankfully grandma and grandpa came up in the evening to take the kids out to dinner and let us stay at the hospital a little longer! Yesterday was a great day for Dane, he was taken off the feeding tube overnight (which allowed me to feed him all day) and then the IV came out in the afternoon! So, if hopefully he can come home today (if all stays well). He has two lovely siblings who are dying to see him! Elliott is so upset she hasn't seen him yet! Yesterday while we were getting ready to go back to the hospital again, Elliott brought downstairs a hair bow, brush and fingernail polish and said 'I need to look pretty to see my new brother!' She's such a girly girl. Check back later, hopefully, for an announcement of Dane's homecoming.

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