Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby has arrived!

Okay, he's too cute to not share! Dane Finley Taylor came today at 3:15 pm, very quick too! I am doing great - physically. Mentally I am a little shaken up, baby Dane is in the NICU for breathing difficutlties, so please keep him in your prayers that this is short lived. The nurses/drs say he could be fine as early as morning or they may have to keep him for a few days! Of course I am a wreck! So sad the kiddos couldn't see him today. But he is expected to be fine.... just worrisome for us! I know there are many of you thinking of us, and we appreciate your thoughts. I will pass along any information I can get.... don't you just love technology! I know I do - considering I should be sleeping right now, but can't! Will know more tomorrow!


  1. He's beautiful. I know that you are happy to hold him in your arms and not in your tummy. He looks a lot like Elliot. I hope we get to see him in person very soon. I'm writing this on Weds. so he should be home tomorrow.

  2. That is an elliott look on his face...I can't wait to see him in a couple weeks. Trisch is already going gaagaa over Dane's pictures...She said COngrats!