Thursday, July 9, 2009

A trip to the Lake

This morning the kids and I headed down to Grandmas. What is up with this weather? Rainy, cool temps have been the forcast all month, and today was no different. It was rainy and cool most the day. However, the kids didn't care too much, they were thrilled to see their cousins again! Robbie and Lexi were at Grandmas. We did get to enjoy many of the lake activities (sun or no sun). Boating, fishing, swimming,trips to the beach, and Myles even went tubing! The evening ended with a hotdog roast over the fire pit for dinner! The kids were thrilled with this adventure!

On a side note, I was a fortunate child to have grown up on the lake. At my immediate pleasure in the summer was endless skiing, swimming, boating, and fishing! Growing up I don't think I appreciated just how fortunate I was to have such fun activities and a great source of exercise! I know I enjoyed many times skiing during the evening hours and then heading in for dinner after the sun went down or tubing and having my dad whip the boat around and around and around. I think one time, he continued to go in circles for at least 15 times trying to get me to fall off the tube! I had such a grip that and weight position that allowed me to stay on forever! As a kid it was fun to lounge on rafts and swim at the beach! Most kids participated in sports leagues like softball, but I had the gracious opportunity to swim and ski as a child and young adult. I do often think it would be nice to be able to ski like I did a few years ago! I would have to regain some arm strenth and maybe lose a few more pounds before I could pull myself up! But there is nothing more exhilerating than skiing behind a nice ski boat in and out of the buoys on a salolm course!

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