Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a Hot One Today!

Vegas highs this time of year are in the 100's, and boy is it hot. You always hear people say, but it's a dry heat.... I don't think it really matters, it's still HOT! It was in the 90's before it ever tu rned 10am. This morning we went walking with my Grandpa and his walking friends (he does this every morning, it's his social network, and they are a great group of people with quite a variety of pasts). The ladies really enjoyed Dane, and he was still jet lagged and slept most the morning! Then it was off to grandpa's house for family time. Dane looked like he was heading to Hollywood in his cool sunglasses. My cousin Broc got himt these sunglasses today along with the loudest rattle he could find!! Lucky for me it isn't too loud! Dane had done so far so good, he slept most the night and morning with very little schedule changes! This eveing we headed to the Monte Carlo casino (not for gambling, but for dinner). My cousing Broc lives in Vegas, too, and works at the House of Blues, which is in the Monte Carlo. He got us a room with a large table and super comfy chairs (sorry not photos) and we all ate dinner together. My dad's cousins joined met up with us (they were in town for Granny's memorial service, too). It was great food, spectacular atmosphere, and great companionship. I broked my meatless diet and splurged on BBQ ribs, which were fantastic. At the end of dinner we got to sample several desserts... and my fave was the chocolate cheesecake.

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